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  1. I've been going on almost 4 years now and I keep trying to go back to 1 time a day and occasionally I'll do a 2nd. I end up breaking out badly eventually then I go in panic mode and religously do it twice a day for months to get clear again. It really sucks because I look at my face and feel like my skin color/tone is just horrible. If I get acne I don't even want to go out at all! I want to get off but I just can't live without it. I hate having to wake up so early(3:30 or even earlier some
  2. My face is doing pretty good but I'm really depressed today. Every time I see or meet a nice girl and I just wish I had the ability to do something. I just can't ever think of anything to say and always feel like I have absolutely no chance with absolutely anyone. I feel like such a loser for being single for so long that it just makes it even harder. I've just been sitting around sad all day today thinking I'm going to be alone forever. I feel heart broken from having nobody love me in
  3. I'm doing good! I've been working on increasing my BP on the regimen as it seems part of my face built a slight tolerance to the amount I was using. I went too far and got dried out so I had to go back to what I was using. After a few days I finally got rid of the extreme amount of flaking. Now that I'm increasing again my face is rapidly clearing. I even started exercising again a few days ago!
  4. I hear ya man. I haven't gone on a date in a long time, ever since my last girlfriend broke up with me like 6 years ago. I'd love to have a girlfriend but I don't have the confidence to ask a girl out. I wish they would start conversations with me and make it a little bit easier to know they may be interested.
  5. i can understand acne plays games but its basically ur mind thats the player. my brother has bad acne but is still in engineering college.and trust me darling no office or no workplace in the whole bloody world would care if u had acne. the big names from the multinational companies wouldn't care a bit about how the workers skin is ,provided he/she knows their job. one of cousin has bad acne,he's still so beautiful - both physically and as a person.he's at such a great post at one of the lead
  6. Yea you may be lucky but I would still be careful to not increase too fast. I was dry pretty much right away but it took a few days for me to flake.
  7. Yes it has. I more than likely would have gone to college and gotten a job I loved. I would say it more than likely would have been something with engineering.
  8. Yea kills my confidence too, matter of fact I've met girls with acne and scars who still don't even look my way because they got options anyway. Its harder for us guys for sure. of course there will be arguments from women on this board but they have no idea. unfortunately i cant even grow a beard to cover this shit i call a face. i am so beta. Yea I'd try to grow a goatee to cover my problem spots but it doesn't come in completely on the sides. There are tons of guys who can't grow a ful
  9. I actually like when I see a women(or anyone) with acne because it actually makes me feel normal. When all I see is their perfect looking skin, or what appears to be their perfect looking skin from make up, it makes it feel nearly impossible to ever even dream of them actually finding me attractive. So a guy has to live every day with every flaw on his face always showing.. A guy can grow a beard and hide his, but not all guys can or want to grow one. It also can't hide all areas of the
  10. I'm clearing up so I'm doing pretty good today. I have felt pretty miserable the last few days or even weeks from my breakouts. My mood is determined by my face.
  11. Day 3 More improvements with no current whiteheads. I have a bunch of red marks that seem to be fading fast and a few active pimples that will hopefully go away soon.. My face is getting very dry and flaky so I have been adding some jojoba oil to my moisturizer.
  12. Day 2 I woke up last night from pain on my chin and absolutely paranoid of a breakout. I got up to check because that's how sure I was that I had about 50 whiteheads forming. There wasn't much difference so I went back to bed. I ended up waking up later with about 7 whiteheads, 4 of them from the previous day. By the time I washed my face a few of them were gone as they were oozing a bit just from washing. So far my face looks a bit better today but it still hurts about as much as
  13. Well thanks guys. I updated my thread. I'll increase the amount of BP I use. I was getting away with 3/4 to 1 pump just fine for more than a year and never saw the need to increase to more as it was working at that dosage. Maybe my face just decided it wasn't enough now.
  14. I'm struggling with them as well. Please keep us posted if they go away or you find something else.
  15. Well so you think it would be better to use more BP? I feel like if it's clogging my pores that will just make it worse. I hardly ever used to get whiteheads before the regimen so that's why I feel the BP and other stuff I've tried is causing irritation.