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  1. You know how restrictive acne diets can be, and for me it's so restrictive I'd have to just basically eat lean proteins and vegetables and a small bit of healthy fats to stay clear I love eating food I love eating sugar and junk food I love the taste I love being a gluton and feeling full What's the point of living if I can't even eat what I want even occasionally? All just to prevent some stupid, totally unnecesssary condition called acne? god, lifes a bitch
  2. if I were you I would have breakfast, dinner, and a snack so I'd have my healthy breakfast before work, mid way into work I'd have a healthy snack, and then at home I'd have my regular healthy dinner
  3. I think the hydroquinone is causing ochronosis If I were you I would stop the hydro and just stick to retin a you shouldnt mix the two
  4. Yes, I know sugar is awful for acne and every single time I eat a lot of sugary foods (even fruit), I always break out the next day every single time even though I have a great skincare routine and even though I'm on Accutane for fuck's sake! How can I just stop having that constant craving and desire?! It just never leaves my brain. I was born with a really huge sweet tooth and it still pervades to this day even though I'm pretty much an adult. There's a box of Honey Bunches of Oats right no