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  1. Maybe your body need a break from all the hormones its like it has been on a hormonal rollercoaster lol! I know I just had a baby and my skin went from glowing to well bad It takes time for it to settle down. The scleroderma may have some thing to do with the acne I would go to a doc who specializes in it since its a rare disease. You will be in my prayer and I dont like that name either ugly. Remember beauty is skin deep ugly is to the bone, skin isnt what makes a face beautiful its bone
  2. No I find excercise makes my acne worse I still excercise 3 times a week but that day after I shower I have at least 5 new pimples and my skin is redder and oilier. Sweating makes acne worse not better lol!
  3. This acne is all hormonal I have PCOS so around ovulation I flare up like crazy and the last day of my period it clears completely but I am left with red discloration. I try to eat a diet like the zone which is for PCOS (polycystic ovaries) 5 small meals a day a lot of vegetables protein some fruit alot of water. I some times take fish oil the diet helps slightly but the main variance is time of the month. The accutane was a miracle drug when I took it when I was 18 I hope its my miracle again
  4. My skin was the clearest it ever was in my life while I was pregnant BUT it was weird I actually had wrinkles. My skin progressivley went back to its oily self month by month until at my sons 10 month mark I got horrific cystic acne. Antibiotics dont work on me as I am resistant to them from teen acne. I may be starting accutane in Oct. How is the accutane working for you? How bad is your acne? I will be on high dose because they say they go by weight and I am very heavy. I wish I could
  5. I am unsure if I should do the tane or birth control. I have done both the tane cleared me before the baby at the age of 18 but now I am 34 my history with 4 different bcp's were unsucceful before the baby. My doc keeps wanting me on sprintec but I hear its 50 50 it either makes you worse or better. Will this ever clear up on its own? Any moms out there does this post partum acne ever get better? Its been 11 months and its getting worse
  6. I am 34 and may start taking accutane for the second time since high school. Just curious as my skin is older now if the dryness will be worse. Its terrible to have acne but to have it at this old age is terrible. The tane cleared me for a few years I always broke out around my period though. I had a baby 10 months ago and my skin is a disaster. I thought my hormones would straighten out by now but it seems to be getting worse.