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  1. I am starting Dan's Regimen today, 8/04/10. My goal is to have clear skin by my 24th birthday - in December! I plan on posting my progress each week.
  2. I use 1 pump of Dan's moisturizer in the morning because its great at setting my face up for my makeup.. but at night i need something more soothing so i've been mixing 1-2 pumps of Cetaphil Moisutrizer with 1 pump of Jergens Overnight repair moisturizer and its amazing! Its been great so far and I have hardly any flakes when I wake up!
  3. hi, i'm on my 5th month of the regimen and i still have some flaky skin. It has gotten a lot better the last month or so though.. I've found that using Jergens overnight repair moisturizer lotion at night REALLY helps my flakes. I wake up in the morning with minimal flakes and my skin feels so smooth. Also, I've been using less makeup and that also helps.. unfortunately as long as we keep on using BP we will have dry flaky skin
  4. the regimen isn't easy.. but you will see results. I'm on my 4th month and I am finally feeling confident with my skin, even though i'm still battling some dry skin and a few minor pimples. you have to consistent and there are times when you are going to want to give up. but give it a go because it may work great for you! good luck!
  5. i had a weird break out that came outta nowhere in weeks 9 and 10.. and i haven't had a bad breakout since then tho, but i'm dealing with the fading red marks from it still.. i just started my 4th month and i still get a few pimples.. just stick with it, it should get better!!
  6. i had some sore/red patches around my eyes also.. i stopped using BP around, and just spot treated in that area if i needed to. it helped alot, and made sure to moisturize that area right after cleansing. sometimes i even put vaseline around my eye area (at night) and it seemed to help too!
  7. I browsed your blog entries and found out that most complaints were about flakes, are you using jojoba oil? Many users said it helps tremendously.

    1. miss lyss

      giving it a go..

      so, i came across a post by a user here names: delna. and she has suggested a few adjustments to the regimen, to help fade red marks fast. i'm super excited to find this, because i feel like the red marks are totally stressing me out right now! so heres the regimen Here is the morning routine: 1) Dan's Cleanser 2) Exfoliate: Baking soda and water - massage into face, then wash immediately. 3) Tone: use 1:8 apple cider vinager and water, apply, then wash off after 10 mins. 4) A
    2. the time of the month break out is not avoidable.. im about to finish my 2nd month, and my last period gave me a decent break out, not as bad as before i started but i definitely had some pimples pop outa no where. i'm hoping this will lessen the longer i'm on the regimen, but i'll have to wait and see! sometimes being a female sucks lol
    3. miss lyss

      Week 24, Day 1

      i literally LOLed when you said my skin was FUCKED UP. because that is the exact same way i would have described my skin before also! i'm so happy for you and your new flawless skin!! your entries give me hope! haha. and i totally agree with your remarks about make-up! i felt like i was putting on war-paint each day to face the world.. and i hated it! i never had the chance to enjoy it or try different things.. and now im seeing clearing on my face, and i'm excited to be able to soon! i hope al
    4. hey! im around the same time on the regimen.. on week 10 and ive stopped using AHA too! i found it broke me out and was really irritating my skin. im glad to see that others aren't dependent on it either. the last few weeks, i've been been doing the 3 basic steps and exfloliating, and its been really controlled. good luck!
    5. this happens to me too.. i am extra careful to make sure i dont get it near my eye area, and i still water up. i put a fan in my bathroom window, and i think the circulation of air helps less in it.
    6. hi! if you're anything like me, i NEED to wear my make-up to face the world lol. im into my 10th week on the regimen.. and ive found that my make-up use has definitely changed. before starting, i would wear liquid foundation all the time. about 5 weeks in i figured out that my dry was just sooooooooooo dry and putting liquid foundation over it was making just look even worse and gross because of all the flakes. i knew that i was definitely not ready to be make-free yet, so i decided to try diff
    7. i could never do a total no make-up day! A few times ive gone to the store early or out walking without face make up, but on my regular week days to my two jobs i have to wear make up! i agree with sharpy also - going to work without make-up would make me feel like i just rolled outa bed, and still had my pjs on lol. today, i definitely used less make-up today (just concealor and light powder, with my regular eye makeup) which is huge for me! so i guess i semi-celebrated by doing that haha.
    8. hi dan! yeah i did start talking fish oil and zinc, and a multivitamin every day.. i think its been like 3 weeks now.. its goin okay! i hope its helping.. the regimen is going well, still having minor breakouts, but less and less. thanks..