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  1. I'm a week and a half in I've been breaking out I got prescribed 50mg a day but I'm waiting it out to see if it'll pass because I've read there's an initial breakout period. I've read that it's better to take it in the morning and it's better to take two doses of 50mg a day one in the morning and one at night?
  2. I got it! It was very simple. I just called my derm and they just prescribed it to me, didn't even need to go in to see her. I'm currently on Day 3 and I feel pretty good about it. I didn't get any crazy breakouts and I finally got my period after two months of not having it due to doxy messing with my body so bad. I want to say I see improvements but I don't wanna jinx it. I'm really excited with this medication. THanks so much for recommending!
  3. @sararey is this prescribed and how can I get my doctor to prescribe this for me? Do i just ask? Also, how long did it take for you to see improvement?
  4. Here is my journey and everything you need to know about me. Please help me out guys. If anybody has similar experience with similar skin, I would greatly appreciate it. <3 SKIN TYPE: Sensitive, (Very) Acne-prone, Oily Skin, Seasonal Acne. -My skin loves the summer and I barely breakout during the summer. My skin seems extremely less sensitive in the summer. I only use a cerave wash and cetaphil facial lotion in the summer and I'm good. Once Fall hits, I start breaking out crazily and my
  5. Nothing Too Yah

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  6. I bought Dickinsons Pore Perfecting Witch Hazel Toner and those two days that I've used it, I've been breaking out. I got these two pimples and now I woke up today with this pimple that's under the skin and I could feel it forming. Is this just a breakout period for my skin to adjust? On the bright side, I did find that when I woke up this morning, my skin was glowing. It didn't look pale like before, it looked radiant. But I dunno if it's just me. What should I do?! This is my regimen. At nig
  7. So I can feel this pimple forming and it's inflamed and growing, the whole shibang. It's on my upper cheek and I know it's gonna be mucho noticeable. I just wanna know what I could do to stop it from getting bigger while it's still forming! I tried tea treeoil overnight but nothing! Helpppppppppppppppppppp!
  8. I have been struggling with acne just like all of you. I put on cover up everyday and it prevents me from doing fun stuff like swimming, slumber parties, getting into football games by writing stuff on my face. I feel my friends think I'm such a party pooper because I don't really participate in that stuff. I'm not a party pooper, more like trying to protect them from being scared of my poopy face. I have scars on my cheeks and the acne from my forehead has been subsiding yet my skin just looks
  9. Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I will surely be making one and post it here! So keep on checking back!
  10. Hello Fellow Acne Sufferers, Hi my name is Jazmin and I too am a acne sufferer and I don't know about you, but I am so fed up with being the only girl in my group of friends who has an acne infested face while I'm swarmed with people with incredibly clear faces. I look at them and think Why can't my skin be like that?Then they complain about the tiniest, undetectable zit and start freaking out. I just want to bare all my makeup on my face and show'em my real skin and s
  11. well i found that when i remove whiteheads on my nose it has a lil hole after you take the white thingy out. it's probably just a visible pore that you just need to close. putting hot tea on your nose helps minimize pores. i don't think i've ever heard of those hole like crater scars on noses so it's probably not a scar. don't worry. noses heal fairly quick. i've never had a problem on my nose that didn't heal a week later. don't worry. and i pick on my nose a lot. i mean like on it not like in
  12. So this may sound strange but I just came back from vacation and my skin isn't dramatically clear. It's pretty much the same, HOWEVER, i found that during my vacation, I received less zits. I have no idea why. On the vacation I went swimming, swam in the ocean, pretty much I was outside a lot. I always forgot to put sunscreen and 90% of the time my face was covered in cover up. So why did I get less zits. Very very peculiar. Now I'm back from vacation and I don't know what to do. I don't want to
  13. ohh puh lease. thats nothing. at. all. i have so much worse than that. mine are scars and their terrible. i have to cover it with makeup ALL THE TIME. if you wanna feel better ill send you pics of my face to see how much better off you are. ~don't worry it'll heal just keep on putting neosporin because neosporin has healing properties and has some scar prevention properties too. ~when you're not putting neosporin on it, try putting a moisturizer on it to prevent it from drying and peeling. fo
  14. So tomorrow is the day where I'm going on vacation with my family, and two of my friend's family. We're going to share a house so kinda no privacy for MYSELF. Facts ~I have acne scars ~I use makeup to cover them ~My friends have wayybetter skin than me. In the vacation there will be swimming. Henceforth, my makeup may come off. Before when I would go swimming it would come off slightly but it didn't show the whole redness and scarryness of my acne as opposed to when I wash my face with a cleans