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  1. So according to you the yolk is every bit as useful as the white for its protein content as an ingredient in a "protein mask". The yolk's richness in vitamin A only makes it even more useful in a mask for acne. I see no reason why everyone here is only using just the egg white and not the whole egg. Can someone please suggest a good reason for using only the white and not the whole egg? I don't need to hear people's ideas about why the egg white is useful-- I know this, and that's why I use
  2. well they both do similar things so try one before starting the other.
  3. i am going to apply BP 10% on some comedones for a week, right before bed. lets see how they like that! maybe they will not turn inflamed and will dry up like prunes. >=D i've been icing these new inflamed pimples and i will do this daily. they seem red after i leave it on so i suspect that i am doing this wrong. there is about 15 really active red acne and everything else has been trying to heal but they are having a hard time healing. i guess in 2 months, if all goes the way i plan, my s
  4. thanks so much i really wanted to do daily gentle exfoliation with a tool so i would not need to use complicated scrubs. my sister kept telling me to use clarisonic because she has an extra brush head (sensitive version) but i refused because i wanted to be smart and cheap. i am considering it now since she already has it. i tried the baby brush and it was too harsh. the one i bought did not have soft bristles. warming it up didn't help and cerave didn't soften the bristles either. my skin
  5. that's interesting. this info actually helps alot. how did you breakout ? in a trillion little comedones after a month of using tazorac or did you breakout often? how abrasive is your daily exfoliator? i don't know how abrasive a daily exfoliator should be and i'm too scared to start this until i find the right tool. i really liked the idea of daily exfoliation before and i figured that once i amp up exfoliation my skin would be less congested. but then i broke out (with comedones) a week or
  6. AM CeraVe cleanse Topical Clindamycin 1% CeraVe Moisturize PM CeraVe Cleanse Topical Clindamycin 1% CeraVe Moisturizer if needed Ice Treatment or Wait 20 Mins CeraVe Moisturizer Tazorac 0.05% Spot Treat (Polysporin on Red Acne, Aquaphor on healing skin) Solodyn Before bed OTHER honey aspirin mask 1-2x a week Neosporin or Polysporin on Open facial wounds or after Icing Polysporin as spot treat Persa Gel (10% BP) as spot treat Skin activity Comedones on my right cheek are still turning infla
  7. since august 15 i started using my 0.05% tazorac (cream version) right after moisturizing to lower it's potency. i will continue to use taz daily. many times i forget how strong tazorac is. here's a list of the different ways to use tazorac. i'm going to cut it down until i find out which one suits me best. each list goes from STRONG -> Moderate -> weak. how you go about this is based on how well your skin can tolerate it. you pair an action from list 1 to list 2 to find the best combo.
  8. hmm. bump. i need some recommendations too. i prefer a lotion form. maybe a liquid form.
  9. i've been using tazorac the day i met my first dermatologist. i had clogged pores / closed comedones all over my face and some to few red painful acne (hormonal). during this time i was not on an antibiotic orally. only topically. the trick for using tazorac for many months was not to use it daily. to use as little as possible. i used it 3x a week. sometimes every other day. my 2nd derm told me to never use it daily because that caused me to peel and breakout in more inflamed acne. months later
  10. what about spot treating with 10% BP vs 2.5%BP?
  11. to put it simply it looks like a bubble filled with clear fluid. jeez i make this so complicated. :[ so much disappointment.
  12. holy crap i think i have it too =O i'm sorry i don't know what to do either. got it today
  13. i'm stressing out. i doubt anyone is going to help me identify this but it can't hurt to try. this is not a white head. it may not even be acne. i just noticed them today after i cleansed my face with CeraVe hydrating cleanser. (i've been cleansing a lot. i think i did it 4x today.) the lesions are clear, very tiny, looks similar to something that appeared on my eyelid once (but that went away. i don't know if these will). 1 is located near the rim of my nose. 2 on my chin. they are not ski
  14. sounds cool. i'm too scared to give it a shot at the moment but if any of you have a info to share using this product that would be great.
  15. you are insane. mine are so tiny. so pepper sized. they don't even have a white head. i've been using Taz for more than a year now and suddenly i broke out in comedones. do you think i could be purging too? D:
  16. Are there any reactions that occur as soon as a person uses a pore clogging product on their skin? I recently found out that if you use a product and you see a bead shaped liquid substance coming from the pores of your nose a while after using that product, then that product may be causing that reaction because it is preventing the sebum from coating the skin. like wax surrounding a pore.. i guess? i'm sorry for the run on sentence. crap!! i don't understand. i swear i saw a bead like liquid
  17. i'm on tazorac as well and i'm not sure how to deal with this either. my sister said it's a late purge from tazorac or the steaming that i am doing for my face (based on the idea that heat bring acne to a surface). =( sigh..wish i knew.
  18. well i wash it. i use a really gentle cleanser with a gel consistency. i like it since it's refreshing and doesn't strip my skin. therefore i don't even need to moisturize. i could just spray a hydrating toner on my face (or use something like mac's fix plus. but that's expensive) and then apply sunblock if necessary.
  19. yeah but sometimes you won't believe how some women look without makeup. they rely on it so often that the face underneath is rarely seen and then when she takes it off it's like. Whaaat? none of you guys and gals can deny this =P --- but makeup is great. it makes women feel like women. what is not to love? hahaha
  20. the baby version is cheaper and exactly the same. it also has more product.
  21. haha don't worry. snobby Asians do this crap all the time. even if they aren't famous. and actors do it too but they get professionals to do their makeup. =P Caucasian males are always so annoying when it comes to being high maintenance. Sheesh. and coverage isn't really a biggie since it can be quick and simple. Powder could look cakey. i would prefer a lotion mixed with a liquid foundation. just smear it on like lotion or use a sponge.
  22. Hello everyone. Recently last week and beginning this week I've been noticing a breakout that I haven't had in months (or a year). They are tiny pepper like comedones all over my right cheek. I would like to pinpoint the cause of these breakouts and I want some help before I go a little crazy. It's good to get feedback. Please help =( My Observation: It seems that I break out only on my right cheek (inner, above cheek bone, lower cheek, but none on the jaw line) and nose. These breakouts form