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  1. I agree that it is fine. esp if you're just introducing it. take it easy. use as little as possible at first. use every other day if necessary. give yourself time and build to everyday.

    if BP is stinging and not getting better despite minimum use, then consider not using it. i don't see the point in continuing it esp if it may worsen skin. Decide once you believe you've given it a fair trial. Like the prev poster said, start small, build up. If you're making sure not to over do it, and your skin reaction is really bad, stop.

  2. I think the best way to go is to drop cleanser altogether and use a hot/warm water with a towel. Especially if cleansers you test leave your skin too dry. this will just cause more breakouts due to irritation.

    I personally got better results with no cleanser and I don't use sunscreen or any cosmetics that need to be removed, so no cleanser is actually needed.

  3. I'm sure the posters here are genuine with their advice, but one of the things i want to make clear is that all these suggestions can easily lead you away from seeing your own case realistically, and treating it carefully. Don't just jump on board with everything being said. When it comes to anything you do to your body, judge it for yourself by watching the changes in your body.


    Tips for treating acne:

    -When it comes to a basic skincare routine, use:

    • a simple, gentle, non-irritating, non-stripping, cleanser (CeraVe hydrating cleanser is fine, but of course, only if you verify that it doesn't irritate you. If you wish, use a tissue to dry off instead of a towel. Towels might be aggravating, and some would argue it's not hygienic enough.)
    • a just as simple, gentle, non-clogging moisturizer. CeraVe is usually highly regarded by users. It is good if you don't feel irritated, if you don't see worsened skin, and if you actually feel a bit better when you apply it. Definitely don't skimp on it if you are on a treatment like Retin A or BP, and don't expect a miracle aside from nicely moisturized skin- which is better than dry, irritated, cracked skin.

    -Keep a log of your breakouts, irritations, and good periods too. For instance, if you see yourself scratching your face, or you feel a stinging sensation, it is an irritation and likely something is aggravating your skin. If you note it, you might see a pattern. It might be possible that you're using Retin A too often and it's so irritating that you're breaking out more. You then decide to use less and you can tell fewer breakouts occur.

    -When you consider a treatment make absolutely sure you read about HOW to use a product; read the main instruction, and ask the derm. When I was a teen, my dermatologists have failed over and over, to inform me on HOW to use something, and what to expect. products like Retin A and Tazorac are better if you EASE into them; for instance, starting 2x a week for a month, then 3x a week for a few months, then 4x a week for the rest of your treatment. Your dermatologist should be telling you, but most don't really stress that. Side effects are brutal so be aware about what you are doing.

    -When you start making changes, take it slow. Don't expect that more changes will actually help you. You have to see what's helpful from what's not. if you're so busy trying a zillion new things, you won't be able to determine what's better for you. Attempt one major change at a time.

    -When the skin is red, broken, and swollen, give it a break from irritating treatments.

    -Your mentality is important. Take care of yourself as much as possible and get the rest you need.


    about using Retin A with BenzaClin, were you told to use them both? If you were prescribed them, check the instructions and use correctly.

    when i went to the derm for the first time i was given clindamycin and tazorac, very similar to yours. the issue with me is that i used tazorac NIGHTLY, which was horrible. When I went to the derm again, i saw someone new, and he told me that i'm not supposed to use it everyday, especially since i just started. Anyway, using it 3x a week helped a tiny bit. Tazorac, like retin A, is harsh. I recommend to start 2x a week for a while (like a trial period- maybe a month), then 3x a week for a few months.

    For me, clidamycin, similar to BenzaClin, never helped, but it didn't hurt to use it in the morning. It's to kill bacteria related to acne. I stopped using it and then, when i realized it's lack of help, stopped it entirely. If you think it helps you, do keep using it.

    After using Tazorac for more than 3 years i'm positive that i damaged my skin more than needed. of course i did other idiotic things. <_<;

  4. Good to see you having success with your acne.

    Anyway, sugar is not poison. Its a form of carbohydrate. Its not dangerous and should be consumed at the same ratio as other carbohydrates; that's healthy. If you're afraid of GI spikes, you could just eat it with some other carbs, fats or protein, it will lower it.

    crystalized sugar isn't the same as a whole grain slice of toast. they are both carbs though. *i think*

    there is a group of people who would argue that sugar IS a 'poison' and should be regulated in our food market.

  5. my experience was okay. my need to urinate and drink water increased till I adjusted to the meds. Results were subtle; I could see spiro tamed my hormonal breakouts a bit. Basically I broke out with smaller red zits. sometimes I would still get a deeper painful zit.

    I think it was after 3 months that I really adjusted to the meds and there seemed to be a pattern back in my period. I easily ignored the irregularity of my period though.

  6. Why not just ask for samples? I'm in the process of getting a moisturizer that wont leave me feeling oily and wont cause closed comedones and milia. I decided to try anything that is accessible and can be sampled. Your dermatologist should have samples to give out as well. Otherwise, contact the manufacturers.

    I used to use Olay Active Hydrating lotion. I bought it because a lot of reviewers said it was hydrating and absorbed well without leaving residue like cetaphil cream and lotion. I stopped using it recently because after accutane I started getting more comedones and thought it was encouraging more of them. It's a good moisturizer though. I recommend it for those with average to oilier skin.

  7. so it's been 2 years since my first post, and I never started accutane.

    I can't believe it took this long just to see some serious recovery.

    my skin is pretty stable now. i'm so glad that this part of the healing process is finally here.

    Skin activity:

    -i haven't had huge cycstic acne in a long while, but i do get some medium sized zits during my period.

    -skin worsens when i stress out and do not sleep well but it's not always apparent.

    -i am still dealing with closed comedones. as environmental conditions change and my moisturizer & treatment is incompatible with the change, my skin breaks out in closed comedones & i get worsened clogged pores. Thus i am testing moisturizers suitable for my skin depending on the conditions, i should have focused on this before but my moisturizer (cetpahil cream) was so soothing i really didn't want to stop, and it is scary to change a routine. in this process i have experienced comedonal breakouts but they are managable. as long as i stop in time my skin heals pretty well. more info on what i did below.

    -Hyperpigmentation is still here but it's healing and looks great. it's the scarring and redness that really makes acne so horrible to deal with. It's like, am i healing, or aren't i?


    -Purpose Cleanser

    -using Tazorac Gel 0.1% for the summer.

    insurance does NOT cover this anymore, but i hope i can get samples from the derm to continue tazorac. Retin A is also not covered but i can afford the generic version. i do not want to change this, however.

    -Cetaphil Cream was removed.

    i may go back to this in the winter but i am uncertain.

    I have tested so far: Sweet almond oil. Vaseline cream (this must seem obviously unsuitable for summer but i was hopeful >_> ...). Olay beauty lotion.

    I am testing right now: Equate Complete spf 15 for sensitive skin, and i can see my most recent comedonal breakout is already healing. I will try jojoba oil for the winter time and see if it breaks me out. if it works i plan to use equate in AM and jojoba in PM.

    -every now and then i use Queen helene mask on my nose and only on my nose, to make myself feel better about the hard substances that stretch my pores in this area. =[ ah. this is what caused me to kill my skin with horrible physical scrubs and steams..

  8. the day i never return to this site is when you know, by then, my acne has cleared and is under control.

    But it's going to be some more years before i am satisfied.

    i kinda hate the internet right now. It's never done much good. if only i wasn't so impulsive. but when you want more and then your confused but you just follow along. No one really shakes you to stop; i mean, why would they? its not their skin, it's not their issue.

    anyway, just wanted to say that I am going to attempt accutane...after i see the derm and get his consent.

    I will speak to the doctor in a few weeks. I want to start weak/moderate and work my way up a bit and then work it down until the treatment is over. My skin routine should be pretty good by then, and after a few months without accutane and my skin has regulated, i can attempt a scar treatment...if that's even possible for asians. if i'm lucky i wont need to continue my current routine right, or at least i wont need like a crazy routine to keep acne under STRICT control? it would be another year or two for accutane and scar treatment to fall in place. Damn. i wish i started a few months ago, when my derm actually suggested it.

    why am i so sure now? lol im pretty late. i probably could have done this when my acne was inflaming like crazy. But now i'm sure. i feel this route will be okay. I want the acne to stop. I wont allow myself to attempt a scarring treatment until the acne stops. any new zit seems to leave a permanent slap mark on my face. And worse, when it's indented.

    Honestly, if my skin healed as fast as a caucasions or my acne was never so red and puffy and large, this wouldnt be an issue.

  9. That's interesting. I didn't struggle to figure out what in the world my skin was sensitive to, but i will keep watch for alcohol and see how it goes.

    I like the cetaphil cream, tho it is thick and takes long to settle in, and my hair sticks to it if i don't keep it away.

    I'm planning to switch the acne.org cleanser to albolene, or something makeup removing and creamy, that also does not cause any reaction. acne.org does not cause any serious reactions but something, maybe it's the water, that i get an occasional temporary red area.


    Since my skin has been pretty active today i decided to update this. Maybe my period is coming; i'm probably right. if anything, it will arrive by nxt a week.

    acne Activity:

    okay so i was switched between brands of spironolactone, but now i switched back to the one i initially took, And i'm breaking out. Well its not like these sort of breakouts ever fully stopped so. eh.

    Other activity/observations:

    -stuffed pores on my nose and inner cheeks, like always.

    -scratched skin (cuts on forehead/nose) i get more of these when my hair is down and i'm sleeping.. not good.

    -hyperpigmentation is still apparent. unfortunately i see no big changes since January. I hope by the end of the semester they do become very minimal. the scarring however, is going to stay. I feel like i should have tried the Roaccutane. hm.


    -Currently using Purpose cleanser again, but will try albolene soon

    -adding a sunscreen after albolene is proven successful. wont cont the elta one so i need to do research.

    -adding foundation after sunscreen is proven successful. one that can be easily applied with fingers. just looking to even out skin, not cover the acne entirely. i do want one that does make me look like i have perfect skin for events so i might as well get one that can do both.

    -looking for something to maintain my nose pores, to keep any hardened plugs from forming. i hate squeezing my pores but how else do i clear it and keep it down? Jeezus. These are solid pills! my queen helene mask is not possible to test on my nose atm and its prob not effective at keeping the things from building and becoming solid.

  10. Acne Activity:

    -at times i would breakout for a week, which would stop and allow my skin to heal with typical pigment marks leftover. i'm tracking the healing rate of one of these zits. I broke out in 12/17/2011. the red swell reduced fully in a span of 2weeks(more or less), but the pigment is still here, on 1/17/2012.

    -skin overall is sort of under control. not much i can do i think besides get a better more calming cleanser and have things to soothe the skin while i do get breakouts

    Other Activity:

    -My sleeping habits are much worse now; so much for correcting my sleeping pattern. now i wake up at 9:30Am and sleep at 1AM. this may be encouraged by weather but it really is my fault. my new bedding is also not allowing me to sleep..

    -Sometimes i spot or get a regular period that lasts a week. acne's is usually active in the days before the period occurs.

    Skin Treatment/Routine:

    -I'm switching to tazorac cream 0.1% because it is less irritating. taz gel caused me to peel AND itch AND sting when i cleansed. terrible weather. my switch is pretty permanent unless i also find cream 0.1% too irritating. i'm moving to Binghamton and the weather there is worse; colder and windier.

    -during the mid of December (12/??/2011) I started to use clyndamycin 1x a day, mostly bc i was running low and didn't want to see the derm for a new prescription. i can't tell if my breakouts are worse or better. i think it's okay. I'll cont with 1x a day and then 2x a day for a few weeks to compare the experience.



    Acne.org Cleanser


    cetaphil cream



    Acne.org cleanser

    cetaphil cream


    tazorac cream 0.1%


    manuka honey mask (only when i feel dry/irritated/acne active)

    queen helene spot treatment (only for red zits that have swelled)

    i want to test acne.orgs AHA but eh.

  11. Ah, yes. the breakout in September was most likely caused by the switch in Spironolactone brand (this is misleading. i am referring to the company that makes and sends in the drug to the pharmacy, i think). this may seem odd, because this shouldn't be an issue. Spiro is Spiro wherever you go, right? well, my experience obviously denies that. My sibling has also experienced this as well.

    December has been a great month for my skin; Minor breakouts, more during my period.

    this November i am peeling a lot more and getting lazy with tazorac, but i exp'd fewer breakouts now than i did in December. i hope this continues.

    if i do breakout the inflammation is small, and will generally heal well. Most of the breakouts are in closed comedones which tend to come and go every few weeks, so they aren't serious closed comedones which later develop into clusters of red, swollen, zits. these small minor comedones are around my nostrils, and chin; Typical areas. It feels just like senior year of high school, when i was clear before the horrible closed comedonal breakout caused by the steaming and scrubbing.

    I still have the hard sebum in my pores; the ones which, if i do not squeeze them out or extract them, will develop into something more serious.

    i switched my moisturizer so many times, nothing changed. I switched my cleanser a variety of times too. Maybe it really is my skin, or the meds. who knows. I don't have an intricate record of history to find out what it is.

    all i know for sure now is that i wont ever steam my face like before, or use anything like ACV, especially when i have such a potent regime that could easily backfire.

    My routine is still the same since September. No sunscreen, which makes me sad, but i won't use it unless i have a cleanser which can remove makeup. @[email protected] that's how anal i am about sunscreen. but i purchased a sunscreen with tinted foundation, (a couple months ago. may have mentioned it) and it seems great! lovely reviews. i really want to use it. ahh what do i do? hope Acne.orgs cleanser is good enough to take it off.

  12. arg this site really confuses me to no end. where is my blog post? i thought it was a personal blog and then i see a whole bunch of community blogs like. 0_o?? and, i thought this post was totally gone.

    Since it is here, i may as well. Let's continue, shall we?


    My skin is a bit better. However, this week i broke out like five times in a row? jeez, what is up.

    some of the things i did/changed/and other fluxes observed:

    a) wearing glasses more often.

    b) taking spirionolactone twice at PM rather than one AM one PM. started this month and i've been breaking out ever since. may be just a coincidence.

    c) Using Purpose cleanser (to finish it off. did this last month i think- i have it noted on my acne calender. lol).

    d) Spirionolactone BRAND changed last month and now i switched back to the one i used when i first started.

    e) Spotty before, but now a lot better. may be due to the switching brand of Spiro which is odd.

    f) again, my horrible sleeping patterns are worse now. i have so little discipline... anyways, I wake up at 6AM and sleep at 12PM+.

    I bolded the ones i suspect most.

    my "treatment" will be:

    a) cleaning glasses with alcohol

    b) switch Spiro back to one AM & one PM

    f) sleep well.

  13. Rate of healing: (extreme approximation)

    acne from 10 months ago

    -are now scars (as in healed skin but of course no skin ever heals perfectly). no visible redness.

    -major breakouts: comedonal breakout, right cheek inflammation, left cheek inflammation (less major than right side).

    -Possible causes: hot steaming, daily scrub, (which led to...) ACV toner.

    acne from 5-4 months ago

    -are now scars or minimized red spots.

    -major breakouts: more chin acne and more inflammation generally after getting off of pill (before starting spiro)

    -possible causes: no way to stop closed comedone inflammation after bad testings. little relief. bad sleep.

    acne from 3-1month ago

    -are obviously red.

    -major breakouts: comedonal breakout, left cheek inflammation.

    -Possible causes: hot steaming, neglect, hormonal spiked by lack of sleep.


    i am happy that, at least, i can see progress. i wish healing was faster.

    on current skin:

    i should have seen a profession to get these comedones extracted. now i have no choice but to see that the inflammation heals up before i do anything else. i want to relieve the swelling but, in this search, i may just cause more. i should not try anything else.

  14. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    * = important

    italics = uncertainty

    Possible Future routine.



    Purpose cleanser acne.org cleanser

    topical vitamin C serum


    Cetaphil moisturizer

    tinted sunscreen



    Grape seed Oil Precleanse

    & Purpose cleanser acne.org cleanser

    Cetaphil moisturizer


    zinc 50mg-100mg


    Honey mask

    sulfur spot treatmentsulfur to treat ONLY upper red lesions (not deep) or lesions w/ pus

    Poly/Neo ONLY on open lesions



    1, 2,



    7/2, third day, AM: still inflaming. the swelling+redness of my acne seems terrible. nose congestion is bad. i'm doing some extractions today on the nose and easy to remove comedones (i think they can be removed by me now as they are high and pin like). i was taking the pills at PM; no side-effects so far. i'm going to take it AM today and onward for just in case purposes. i think the pill goes down better and does not interfere with sleep this way? i'm also sleeping really late, 3AM in the morning. not sure why i push myself like that. need to stop pronto.

    7/3, fourth day, PM: Im taking the pill PM. i find this much easier to do because i take it right after i eat a meal w/ the spiro pill. In the morning i can't do that as there is little time.

    OFF TOPIC: Today i've been experiencing a lot of irritation + sensitivity leading to flareups and itchiness. it may be bc i spot treated w/ taz this morning on the new deep lesions. still, I'm stopping purpose cleanser soon bc i really want to get off of it (it's too stripping sometimes, and other times there is a mild stinging sensation. most likely to tazorac. my skin sensitivity varies; i can use less of tazorac or lower it's potency but in the end i still wont enjoy purpose as it is not gentle enough.

    On the comedones i extracted: though i extracted only a few easily (came out fast with some force) the area still reddened and is ugly looking today. I'm such an idiot. Anyways, i still have the tendency to scratch (maybe scrape) off pin like comedones. Overall it seems i'm really prone to inflammation this week. Some self induced by physical urges like scratching mindlessly and maybe by staying up late. Others consciously, like the comedone extraction (they really were ready to come up. but closed comedones are not papules... -_-shit). But is there any other hormonal issues going on internally that is causing the acne? i don't know. what about other external factors? zinc i started AFTER the inflammation began, to control it. Grapeseed oil would only have caused closed comedones.

    clyndamycin, i am not sure if i should ween off of it. It was never obviously effective, so i don't know what will happen. i don't know if i should use something else. i was considering a BHA but they do not share the same properties and BHA exfoliates (which i may actually want for my nose and ongoing closed comedones). for now i will keep clyndamycin. BHA can treat and prevent comedones in areas Taz cannot. it is also great for acne. in general this product sounds like My savior. Clyndamycin is a preventative measure, i don't see it as anything else. What if BHA replacing clyndamycin is a good choice?

    7/7, AM: My skin is getting better. Of course i'm still trying to correct my sleeping patterns so that may be hindering my skin (most likely). I got a coritsone shot two days ago and the zit went down. It is healing gracefully; haha. I am worried that zinc is hurting me. lately i've been feeling a little off. i do eat zinc right after dinner. i do not experience nausea (only the first few tries) but i cont. to feel light headed and my sinus congestion is terrible, which is new to me. it may be due to summer. I wonder if zinc can worsen these things. m room in particular is stuffy even with the air con.

    On BHA, i think that it would be a long while before i even consider attempting it. if my skin gets better within the end of this year i will be pleased enough to not start. i may just use a scrub once in a while before i attempt to extract the solid debris from my nose after a warm shower. But the ones on my inner cheeks? i don't know what to do about them. sometimes they come out. sometimes they do not and inflame if i make a mistake. will i always suffer from clogged pores and closed comedones? -_-

    7/9, PM I'm stopping Zinc. i tested a day without it and my head cleared up, my nose is not as stuffy. basically all the symptoms left.

    it seems that my skin is still flaring up. my right cheek is taking the worst hits. one of the deep ones that did not get shot is still here. it's odd, i thought it would've healed and left by now. it will definitely leave a red mark. i broke out a bit on my chin, very tiny. sleeping patters aren't fixed yet.



    7/3: Second time using grapeseed oil and this time it did little to aid the skin as a precleanser (the first time i felt fine). Oddly today i flared up, immediately after cleansing. i don't believe it is the oil, but purpose and tazorac. however, this oil did little to stop the stripping feeling. i may have not left it on long enough. this is also a hassle to use; it is not easy to store and i don't have the patience for a second cleansing step. as a moiturizer it didn't feel as good as cetaphil cream and tho It did remove my tinted suns i am still not continuing it. I will try acne.orgs cleanser in a week or so as Purpose & Grapeseed oils replacement

    7/9, PM

    I began the acne.org cleanser. it seems okay, but it actually stings my lip area a bit. i don't know what to think. I'm certain, now, that my preferred cleanser are milky-ish; a typical asian cleanser. i don't understand why cleansers like Purpose are used by the american population. the creamy milky ones are soothing and don't strip as much. i need to find one that takes off sunscreen + foundation well.

    7/18, PM

    So far the cleanser is pretty good. no issues. i tested the sunscreen. i used grape seed oil to remove it tho, and then the cleanser on top. i said i wouldn't do this, but i did anyway. figures. i will test the suns again, tho this time it will be on my hand, with no oil to remove it.

    my right cheek has calmed down, but this zit that i thought healed remained and actually swelled over(covering more area). previously i pricked the upper layer w/ white pus and extracted the core, yet it worsened. i don't think i did this badly, but i guess i did. maybe i applied pressure at bad areas?

    my left cheek is horrible. so much inflammation. comedones so close to eachother infecting the other and causing more redness. the swelling is bad. i am still breaking out more. it doesn't help that i have such terrible habits!!!! Gosh i have to stop!

    my forehead, right brow, is finally calming down after 6 breakouts (like mine bombs detonating one another). all were tender and sore and all left hyper pigmentation. there is still one more painful zit.

    my forehead, above left brow, healed well. however, i broke out with another deep zit. I am on my period so i will allow this to slide.

    *A note on comedones: i do feel that i should test my skincare products again, to check for any signs of pore clogging properties. i also think that cetaphil cream should change bc it may be too thick/moisturizing for my skin, but i love applying it. plus i don't get milia. maybe one odd one, but nothing else.

  15. i don't understand the recent breakouts i've been getting.

    i think it is my hormones, and otherwise inflammation within (caused by various factors i'm sure) that then inflames my comedones (i really need to work on this. spiro does bring a lot of relief to preventing actual cystic zits. i think if i start a birth control pill inflammatory acne can be avoided. this combo isn't bad, actually it seems great. i'm curious. but being on another persciption sounds like a pain. i will try this if i get desperate again); but these are pretty bad. this month i broke out with these deeper swelling zits on my forehead, which is seriously rare. i wonder why.

    i bought zinc to add into my routine for the inflammation and currently doing more research before i start.

    -- it does not interfere with any of the prescriptions so i think i'm ready to start w/ just 50mg daily. if this doesn't work out i have to drop everything and just attempt birth control pill.

    * = important

    italics = uncertainty




    clyndamycin --> 4) replace with BHA ???

    purpose cleanser --> * 2) Acne.org cleanser tested to remove SunS.

    cetaphil moisturizer

    Honey mask

    sulfur to treat ONLY upper red lesions (not deep) or lesions w/ pus

    Poly/Neo spot treat ONLY on open lesions


    (+)oral zinc 50mg-100mg; --> * 1) test for 1month

    (+)tinted sunscreen --> * 2) test AFTER 2A is reviewed. try for 2 wks.

    (+)tumeric mask --> 3) test at least 7 times.

  16. i had many ideas on what to do to further better my skin. i tried the grapeseed oil for a while but my skin didn't seem too great cause i couldnt tell if i was getting more whiteheads. scared i jumped bak to my regular routine.

    i couldnt get a comedone extraction done from the PA as she was not taught this procedure. the derm should be able to do this, i will see him soon.

    my routine has been pretty stable. cleanse, clyndamycin, moisturize, pill. same routine at night but w/ added tazorac. no changes have been made.

    i am breaking out with: various sized, but deeper red swellings. which is a huge suprise bc isn't the pill supposed to be treating this? they are borderline cystic but few in numbers. otherwise i am breaking out with inflamed comedones some small and avg sized. hm, they (the borderline cystic looking ones) may have been comedones that became inflammed bc they are deep. they swell up and become huge if these types inflame. takes forever to heal.

    other issues: closed comedones still here. yellow tinted hard substance still in nose pores and inner cheek pores.

    i've decided that, rather than going crazy finding something to treat the congestion (with chemical or a product), i will use a "comedone extractor" to encourage hardened pills of wierdshit to get out of my pores once every two weeks. gently. and then i'll tone, treat, and moisturize.

    the redness from my inflammations seems to swell down a bit with honey. or is it just me? anyways i still spot treat with queen helene every now and then. especially now bc of my inflmmatory acne suddenly acting up.

    this is great so far. my comedones, tho still here and inflamming, reduced a bit in number and the inflammation is not at all overwhelming. to a degree i feel as if i am healing faster. mybe its bc it is finally summer? oh i wish i could start my sunscreen. but i need a makeup removing cleanser for this. most preferably an oil type that wont kill me. ah, i wish i could start vitamin c. i heard that it is actually irritating, which i find hard to believe. i wonder if this is true.

  17. Hello! I'm sorry for all your acne troubles!

    After reading through 90% of your blog/log here can I make a few suggestions?

    I feel like you are using way too many products at once! It's best to start out with very few products. Cleanser (one that you use both morning and night), your RX acne med (Tazorac in your case), and a lotion (once again, one you use both morning and night). This method is know as the elimination method. It helps you determine if any of those 3 things you are using are causing you to breakout or if it's just the acne medicine working (or not working). By adding in so many factors you are basically eliminating your chances of having clearer skin because it's harder to figure out what product isn't working for you.

    I highly suggest trying this method for at least one month (it can take 3 months for the Tazorac to work, and you could be hindering it by using excessive products) to really see if it's the medicine that's not working, or if it's one of the other two products. Usually for a product you don't need more than 2-3 weeks to decide if it's working, and like I said, with so many products in play you can't know which is working and which isn't.

    I know it's very frustrating to feel like you skin isn't getting any better, so please be patient! Although I know from reading your blog that you have been trying to be very patient for a long time now :)

    I have had acne for 16 years now (I got very serious outbreaks starting from age 9 when I hit puberty) and I know it's frustrating to try and find the right solution.

    If you are having hormonal acne (closed comedones, breakouts around chin/mouth/cheeks, cysts) have you ever tried taking a birthcontrol for your acne? Also please google PCOS and see if you have those symptoms as that can greatly contribute to your acne. If you do have the symptoms of PCOS your condition can be greatly helped by a birthcontrol. One without male hormones, as if you have PCOS your body is likely making too much androgen (male hormone) and this is causing the breakouts. If it isn't PCOS but you're having hormonal breakout ask your Dr about Spironalactone. It's a pill you take everyday in the AM (sometimes in the PM too) to help block excess androgens your body is making. It was originally a low blood pressure medication, but if your blood pressure us normal it will have no affect on it. Spironalactone also helps decrease oil production which helps to keep skin clear. *Edit* Forgot to add the BCs on the market that don't have male hormone are Yasmine, Yaz, BeYaz. I think they're all the same maker, if not they all have the same idea/one ingredient in common. They are also low dose BCs.

    Please note that I am not a Dr, or a nurse, I cannot legally give medical advice, only make suggestions on some things that have worked for me, and may not work for you.

    I hope this information has been helpful! If you are not having any luck with your acne at all, can you ask your Dr about going on Accutane? I know that greatly helped me in my teen years, and even now reduced the affects of acne on my life even if I still have mild acne (my mild back acne and chest acne have stayed gone!)

    I am an esthetician so I try to educate myself on skin and it's problems, but like I said, have no medical background :)

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask me and if I know the answer I will tell you. Please keep the faith that someday you too will have beautiful, clear skin! I know it's very hard but you're going to look great really soon!!!

    my questions are this:

    do you have experience with tazorac? has tazorac taken care of all the comedones? do ppl get congested skin as i have continued to get after a year of tazorac? i "healed" from my outbreaks before with tazorac, but the result was not good enough so ive made bad changes that aggravated my skin by steaming and scrubbing. and tho my basic products were not all great, i had months of little to no red acne and few comedones compared to what i have now, which is after overdoing steaming + scrubbing + bad treating habits.

    so i think ive finally found the culprit, and it's not in my cleanser or moisturizer, or the treatments my derms have given me.

    right now i can wait it out like i did before, and see if tazorac + another year will get me out of the congested skin and comedone cycle. but say my comedones are mostly treated, yet my skin continues to get terribly congested just like before (which is why this cycle started) is there anything that youve discovered that actually helps? some ppl say that adding a bit of BHA/AHA into the routine would help so i've attempted AHA and so far, incorporated with reduced amounts of Taz, has not lead to good results and actually caused inflamed acne (but note that i also have bad habits.)

    thanks, it's nice to get feedback. i feel more convinced to just wait it out and allow taz to work like before.

    this is the routine currently, ive been doing this for weeks besides the recent side track of AHA. the parenthesis are changes i wish to take on in the future. oil is a big gamble to me but i've wanted to try it bc it can remove sunscreen and is a multi functional product.


    1. Spironolactone

    2. Purpose Cleanser (2> Grape seed oil add into cleansing)

    3. Clindamycin

    4. Cetaphil Cream (1>Org. Grape-seed oil)

    5. (3>Sunscreen)


    1. Spironolactone

    2. Purpose Cleanser (2> Grape seed oil add into cleansing)

    3. Clindamycin

    4. Cetaphil Cream (1>Org. Grape-seed oil)

    5. Wait at least 20mins

    6. Tazorac 0.1%

    * honey masks

  18. so i used the AHA as spot treatment two days ago. the next day ( or yesterday) i cant recall whether or not the zits changed. regardless, i used AHA again that day. today the comedones around one of the spot treated zits raised up. today i also broke out with chin acne. it seems hormonal, as my period hasnt arrived last month, er, i think @[email protected]

    i thought it would, but it never arrived. not yet.

    anyways, rather than using AHA to spot treat today i used tazorac in the afternoon. god the zits hurt. i wonder if this is hormonal.

    either way AHA isn't a spot treatment for me nor can i use it regularly. i can try again, but this is my observation now. oh! i DID NOT over do it! i did NOT. and the zits seems a bit worse now. O_O or maybe AHA just isn't good at treating and my zits, rather than treated, inflamed "regularly" which i doubt.

    my comedones are terrible. i dont know what to do to rid my skin of them, and with that also encourage my skin to not create more and to reduce congestion.. so tomorrow i'm going to see dermatologist and im going to request an extraction. of course, i hope they can do this.

    maybe one day i'll figure out how to get the congestion and comedones to stop forming.

  19. alright so it is a definite fact that since i started AHA i began breaking out in deeper acne. acne that last longer than 2 weeks... now that i stopped AHA acne looks better. i must have overdone it. i thought that AHA spot treating and AHA every other night would be fine. i did over do spot treatment. my orginal intent was to use it at PM every oher night. i should have followed it to be sure. now i am confused. so do i try it again? AHA at PM every other night?

    BLEH. i really want to treat and prevent comedones!

    so starting tonight, one more time, if AHA does not work well every other night / causes acne then i wont cont it.

  20. it seems that, over the past three-two days i've broken out all over my forehead. four medium-big lesions, entirely new and two of them are pretty deep; and several comedones -> inflamed.

    so far about 8-9 red spots on my forehead ranging from different sizes. bleh. this was unexpected.

    i think its' the AHA. i don't breakout in these areas and the zits are taking on a whole new lvl than be4. i have been using AHA as spot treatment, and about 3x-4x PM during the week. this isn't a problem for many, but i guess AHA is causing acne for me.

    should i stop AHA and cont taz only? wait it out until my skin heals up? this will do for now.

    i dont know if diet means anything but i was eating alot of junk (excess sugar) these few days cause my sister brought it home. <_< guess i wont be doing that either..


    i really want a natural cleansing routine. i think an oil cleanser is best bc it can lift makeup, but will warm water get the dirtied oil off? Hmm

    --> OCM, i think, should only be done 1x every two weeks (or 2x a month) because it draws deeply and uses steam which is harmful when done too often. 2x a month would give benefits w/o irritiatation and is less likely to lead towards the development of clogged pores. i would like to try this on a week that i have seriously congested skin.

    ---> Oil as a precleanser. just an oil to lift impurities on the skin and a cleanser to lift the oil on the skin. i want to begin with grapeseed. i did want to try jojoba / evoo, but Eh; grapseed is cheaper. i wonder if this is thin enough for summer but moisturizing enough for winter. =) either way, i already have cetaphil cream for winter. will see how this goes.

    summary: stopped AHA (as spot treat and PM treatment), adding grapeseed oil as precleanse and maybe as a moisturizer.

    edit* this is on hold. the precleans is to help remove Sunscreen. but for now, on hold.

  21. @[email protected] so scared, so scared. i did mention that my right cheek had comedones too right? well maybe not, but they are certaily obvious now...

    has it been a week and 1/2 since i'be been on AHA and tazorac? comedones are still not budging.

    i've also been using a tool to extract some comedones. it's interesting, how the ones that can come out look like the ones that appear on my nose: yellow tint + follicle of hair, but there are many others that cannot be extracted. anymore of this extraction will certainly aggravate the closed comedones. maybe i should not be doing this but i think getting the ones capable of coming out is better than doing nothing (ahh but i am doing something. i am using AHA or tazorac every day, but they seemed to spread further rather than being held back...

    tazorac does not stop comedones when i cause it, and niether can the AHA. i also didn't have it when i was "abusing" my skin with steam so i don't know if AHA acts better to prevent comedones that i may cause. so all AHA or Taz can do now is treat the comedones i made. so the closed comedones didn't spread; they were already developing, too late to be stopped, and decided to make itself apparant now? .

    i still can't go on my sunscreen, not yet.

    this is really saddening. my left cheek is breakouting out; as some comedones do inflame, and my right cheek too.

    i wonder whether or not it is ok to spot treat with AHA if i use it before clyndamycin in the AM and i also use taz or aha at night. sometimes i can't consider what i do with AHA in AM as spot treating bc i dont just put it on my inflamed zits. i put it on my nose. my comedones. i have to stop this or maybe avoid any use of spot treatment. So far i see AHA as an ineffective spot treatment.

    i did squeez my nose, but less than i did before. i wonder if AHA has anything to do with this? i haven't been paying attention to my nose. guess the comedones are just that distracting.

    i wonder if BHA was a better choice. <_<; ...i'll have to wait it out, till mid/late june; how lame.

    last note:

    i have gone over the function of tazorac, aha, +bha.

    "Exfoliants such as AHAs and BHA primarily affect the surface of the skin (epidermis) or the lining of the pore by actually ungluing or dissolving layers of skin cells. In contrast, retinoids affects the lower layers of skin (dermis), where new skin cells are produced. Retinoids actually communicate with a skin cell as it is being formed, telling it to develop normally instead of developing as a sun-damaged or genetically malformed skin cell."

    since i've been on tazorac i continued to get closed comedones. taz does not really exfoliate, and only only aided in "normalizing" my skins ability to exfoliate. if it worked out the way i hoped it would have normalized my skin entirely and the comedones would have stopped developing; but i guess that is why i am adding the BHA or AHA now.

    so tazorac once did regulate my skin, even when my hormones were unstable. back then, not too long ago, red acne was average - minimal and skin was supple, had comedones but this was regulated + controlled. here is when i made a mistake, skin abuse thru steams and scrubs. maybe upping taz daily was bad on my derms part.

    going back to that regime and making it better is what i'm doing now, i guess.

    so back to using taz every other day + continuing clyndamycin: to normalize the formation of skin + treat red acne.

    AHA(BHA if aha fails) the days i don't use taz: to exfoliate the skin that taz could not "correct" and treating the comedones that tazorac can't fix.

    spironolactone: preventing red acne by regulating inflammation / instability within.

  22. Skin Status:

    peeling skin

    inflamming acne. i broke out with 2 yesterday, 1 the day before. there is 3 total, average size.

    the comedones that inflamed on my left cheek are a bit smaller than average, but still red nonetheless.

    comedones have not died down. they are appearing above and around my brows. active around both cheeks.


    i hope i can clear from this cycle of comedones soon. i am using AHA (since last week?) 2x a week now i'm trying every other day. the three red zits are so ugly to look at. i wonder if it was a comedone that inflamed

    experience with AHA and Sunscreen:

    first PM application the AHA stung a bit; i presume that it is bc i applied unevenly. the next morning my skin felt amazing. i really thought it was treating my comedones faster than tazorac and i decided to try the sunscreen too. when night came, just to ensure i was okay, i took a break from using either of the meds.

    the next day i continued with the Sunscreen. i did use AHA as spot treat but it stung so now i wont use it as spot treatment under sunscreen. only when i stay inside. this day i was so tired i fell asleep neglecting my PM routine (Note that my SunScreen, tinted, was still on my face) and i woke up with shitty skin; peeling, uneven, dull. i'm sure that this day was the day the comedones spread upwards to my brows. i stopped Sunscreen entirely, but when my cleanser runs out and i start on DHC i will also start the sunscreen again.

    i went back on track obviously, and now i am applying the AHA or tazorac every other night. i will use manuka any time i can; just cause i am paranoid, tho i dont believe manuka will do much =p

    i still i can't help but scratch at my comedones or squeeze my congested nose.