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  1. There are way too many variables you're making assumptions for. if you really want to see if changing them does anything, you'll have to attempt to control one of them and see if there's a difference.
  2. I agree that it is fine. esp if you're just introducing it. take it easy. use as little as possible at first. use every other day if necessary. give yourself time and build to everyday. if BP is stinging and not getting better despite minimum use, then consider not using it. i don't see the point in continuing it esp if it may worsen skin. Decide once you believe you've given it a fair trial. Like the prev poster said, start small, build up. If you're making sure not to over do it, and your
  3. I think the best way to go is to drop cleanser altogether and use a hot/warm water with a towel. Especially if cleansers you test leave your skin too dry. this will just cause more breakouts due to irritation. I personally got better results with no cleanser and I don't use sunscreen or any cosmetics that need to be removed, so no cleanser is actually needed.
  4. I'm sure the posters here are genuine with their advice, but one of the things i want to make clear is that all these suggestions can easily lead you away from seeing your own case realistically, and treating it carefully. Don't just jump on board with everything being said. When it comes to anything you do to your body, judge it for yourself by watching the changes in your body. ~~~~~~~~~ Tips for treating acne: -When it comes to a basic skincare routine, use: a simple, gentle, non-irri
  5. crystalized sugar isn't the same as a whole grain slice of toast. they are both carbs though. *i think* there is a group of people who would argue that sugar IS a 'poison' and should be regulated in our food market.
  6. my experience was okay. my need to urinate and drink water increased till I adjusted to the meds. Results were subtle; I could see spiro tamed my hormonal breakouts a bit. Basically I broke out with smaller red zits. sometimes I would still get a deeper painful zit. I think it was after 3 months that I really adjusted to the meds and there seemed to be a pattern back in my period. I easily ignored the irregularity of my period though.
  7. Why not just ask for samples? I'm in the process of getting a moisturizer that wont leave me feeling oily and wont cause closed comedones and milia. I decided to try anything that is accessible and can be sampled. Your dermatologist should have samples to give out as well. Otherwise, contact the manufacturers. I used to use Olay Active Hydrating lotion. I bought it because a lot of reviewers said it was hydrating and absorbed well without leaving residue like cetaphil cream and lotion. I st
  8. I got off accutane 2-3 months ago. My skin is producing oil now and I am breaking out with closed comedones and milia again, which occasionally flares up into a tiny zit. It has been increasingly spreading from my inner cheeks to the sides of my cheeks. I stopped moisturizing with Olay Active lotion, which led to a decrease in my comedones. Then I tried some moisturizers that were really basic but they either felt disgusting or didn't hydrate enough, and my comedones would increase a bit. I
  9. so it's been 2 years since my first post, and I never started accutane. I can't believe it took this long just to see some serious recovery. my skin is pretty stable now. i'm so glad that this part of the healing process is finally here. Skin activity: -i haven't had huge cycstic acne in a long while, but i do get some medium sized zits during my period. -skin worsens when i stress out and do not sleep well but it's not always apparent. -i am still dealing with closed comedones. as environmenta
  10. the day i never return to this site is when you know, by then, my acne has cleared and is under control. But it's going to be some more years before i am satisfied. i kinda hate the internet right now. It's never done much good. if only i wasn't so impulsive. but when you want more and then your confused but you just follow along. No one really shakes you to stop; i mean, why would they? its not their skin, it's not their issue. anyway, just wanted to say that I am going to attempt accuta
  11. That's interesting. I didn't struggle to figure out what in the world my skin was sensitive to, but i will keep watch for alcohol and see how it goes. I like the cetaphil cream, tho it is thick and takes long to settle in, and my hair sticks to it if i don't keep it away. I'm planning to switch the acne.org cleanser to albolene, or something makeup removing and creamy, that also does not cause any reaction. acne.org does not cause any serious reactions but something, maybe it's the water, th
  12. Acne Activity: -at times i would breakout for a week, which would stop and allow my skin to heal with typical pigment marks leftover. i'm tracking the healing rate of one of these zits. I broke out in 12/17/2011. the red swell reduced fully in a span of 2weeks(more or less), but the pigment is still here, on 1/17/2012. -skin overall is sort of under control. not much i can do i think besides get a better more calming cleanser and have things to soothe the skin while i do get breakouts Other A
  13. Ah, yes. the breakout in September was most likely caused by the switch in Spironolactone brand (this is misleading. i am referring to the company that makes and sends in the drug to the pharmacy, i think). this may seem odd, because this shouldn't be an issue. Spiro is Spiro wherever you go, right? well, my experience obviously denies that. My sibling has also experienced this as well. December has been a great month for my skin; Minor breakouts, more during my period. this November i a
  14. arg this site really confuses me to no end. where is my blog post? i thought it was a personal blog and then i see a whole bunch of community blogs like. 0_o?? and, i thought this post was totally gone. Since it is here, i may as well. Let's continue, shall we? ... My skin is a bit better. However, this week i broke out like five times in a row? jeez, what is up. some of the things i did/changed/and other fluxes observed: a) wearing glasses more often. b) taking spirionolactone twice
  15. Rate of healing: (extreme approximation) acne from 10 months ago -are now scars (as in healed skin but of course no skin ever heals perfectly). no visible redness. -major breakouts: comedonal breakout, right cheek inflammation, left cheek inflammation (less major than right side). -Possible causes: hot steaming, daily scrub, (which led to...) ACV toner. acne from 5-4 months ago -are now scars or minimized red spots. -major breakouts: more chin acne and more inflammation generally after gettin