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  1. I've just traveled from US to Korea and its been like 3 weeks and I'm still jet lagging pretty badly.. feeling drowsy in the afternoons and mornings and really messed up sleeping cycle... and getting mild acne everyday now, when I was at the states I was clear because I took accutane for 6 months, but once I got here I've been getting one or two mild acne a day.. Im pretty convinced its my jet lag thats causing this, because last night I went out for a drink and stayed up til 4 a.m... I was
  2. I use cereva moisturizer and jojoba oil twice a day..and I still get flakey spots.. Is there anyway to get rid of this?? and Ive been using cetaphil gentle cleanser and it does leave white firm on the skin..so I was thinkin of switchin can any1 recommend best cleanser/moisturizer other than cetaphil stuff? thanks.
  3. Ive tried cetaphil moisturizing lotion and that makes me look really oily and greasy... Im lookin for alternative while on accutane please help!! plus which sunscreen is best for lookin less greasy/oily while on tane?
  4. Is it okay to use AHA+ lotion while on low dosage accutane?? Im taking 20mg per day for 6months to clear persistent moderate acne. I'm goin to try a test today, I took 20mg and gonna wash with cetaphil and apply aha+ lotion and see how my skin reacts.. if any1 had very bad experience from doin this please let me know asap lol..
  5. Im just worried about the chances of relapse, theres no point of taking it if I'm just gona breakout right after I finish the course.. but other thing Im worried about is the hair loss.. does it matter how much dosage you need to get hair loss? I didn lose my hair during first course, but yet I'm not 100% sure
  6. Hey, I took accutane about a year and half ago. I was on pretty low dose, started with 20mg then 60mg to finish. I dont quite remember but I believe I havent reached the 150mg/kg dose. so about 3months ago I start to break out uncontrollbly.. mostly bumps under the skin that later turns into red/dark purpish marks.. I dont even know what they are.. are they cysts? nodules? so no topicals are helping with those atm.. so I decided to take 2nd course of accutane. unfortunately my doctor prescri
  7. Any finacea users tried with AHA+ souffle or lotion to help with red marks?? I'm thinkin about doin this...but I dont know if it will irritate my skin more.. plus when you use AHA lotion do you apply moisturizer afterwards?? or just apply that?
  8. Hi I recently bought 30% glycolic acid peel from ebay... n I dont know if this is legit... I heard lot of dud products.. well here the link I bought it from..http://cgi.ebay.com/30-Glycolic-Acid-Peel-Exfoliate-Anti-Aging-Wrinkle-/220653885840?pt=US_Skin_Care n after the peel do I moisturize right afterwards or do nothing for 24hrs..?
  9. ok so I decided to go on accutane 2 yrs ago because of persisten moderate acne.. I started with 20mg then upped to 60mg..and did 5 months I weigh 160lbs, 20yrs old and 6ft tall.. so I was clear after accutane for about an year n half then now acne is slowly comin back.. mostly in nodules.. its weird because I have this acne cycle like every 2-3 weeks I be clear then next 2-3 weeks I will breakout consistently..Im thinkin because of hormones.. reason I think goin on 2nd course would do the t
  10. Hi I'm 20 yrs old battleing with hormonal acne..it seems.. so I breakout like every 2-3 weeks (thats gotta be hormonal right??) each time I get these red bumpy zit..not inflamed they just chill underneath the skin.. I think they are nodules.. how do I treat these mofuckers? caz I just leave them alone and they eventually go away but leaving a terrible dark spot for weeks and they turn into scars I believe.. Is there anything I can do once I get them?? so they wont turn into scars....!! My
  11. Hi, let me briefly describe what happened in past 2 months.. I was on accutane before, and been off of it for 2 yrs now.. and Ive been using cetaphil gentle cleanser (only) with no moisturizer.. which worked fine just couple pimples here n there.. but then I decided to goto facial salon, and got advised to switch product and moisturize regularly.. which i did, I switched to gm collins.. and used for like couple weeks but I noticed I was breaking out so I stopped went back to cetaphil cleanser
  12. Ive been using cetaphil gentle cleanser for an year n half now... during that period, I been getting few random acne here n there but nothing big... then one day I went to facial salon and I was told I had very unbalanced skin..because I been using no moisturizer.. but the thing is my skin never gets really dried... so I switched to gm collins and started to use toner and moisturizer.. but that makes my skin really prone to breakouts and shows more dark spots/scars.. Is using no moisturizer
  13. Hi, its been almost year and half I've gone off accutane.. I had fairly clear skin throught out that year and half..(only couple random breakouts now and then)... but now I feel like they are slowly coming back... Ive used cetaphil gentle cleanser only.. and I mean only just twice a day.. so I went to facial salon the other day and the lady told me I had very dried and unbalanced skin due to no use of moisturizer for a year and half... so she suggested to change the product I use.. so I did