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  1. I just freaking hate acne. That's it. WHY DONT I DESERVE GOOD SKIN? WHY?? Sorry just a rant..
  2. Hi may I'm following this log. Hope it all works for you. It's precious that you keep writing all this time. Thanks for giving a long term reference!
  3. I am sorry about the title. It's disgusting to post something like that but I do have that problem.. Knowing that inflammation and gut health are hugely related to possible occurrence of acne, I always have low GI diet with lots of vegetables and fruits (barely meat cause I have to lose weight at the same time..). I have been eating like this since July ans I know it worked well as I always had to go to restroom at 6 in the morning, which is the prefect time for egestion according to TCM and
  4. Drugstore SA products dont work quite much. Try Mandelic acids. It should be better and less irritating that retinol which could cause pores enlargement for some people after use.
  5. Plus dont overwash your face. It stimulates more oil production and my derm told me that when you feel you face is so clean, it has already been overwashed.
  6. what type of mandelic acid do you use? O.P, i have read that accutane works perfectly for your issue Timehealsall, use those recommended by LionQueen. I have used GOW for some time now and it works great. Maybe they will lose effects after few months, which I did before but you have no choice left. Try it. OP you should try it too. the recommended products are listed here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Clearing-...in-t130593.html Give it a shot.
  7. I guess what you might be thinking is: "Great, I got my taz. Now die, acne! And a few months later the acne are gone. You think: Finally! I have my problem solved! But then it comes the scarred pores, which are stemmed from too much irritation using taz and no-one or scientific research have EVER told you about this beforehand. You start getting depressed because these are scarred pores and pores, once stretched, could not be closed again. Why me? I am only 22 and the thing that is supposed to
  8. I don't know if this has been posted before yet, but it's my first time to hear a song about acne from one of my favourite youtuber, which made my day. Hope you'll smile to it too
  9. ^ This Timehealsall, you can do it. You have to do it. There's no turning back already and I hate seeing you wandering on this site, trying to look for answers that actually isn't there, just like I did before. See, some people here are trying to help you, if not, they won't reply you here. You have to show us you try being normal again, mentally. Believe me, there's no answer that you're looking for. It's a fact. How can you find answers or advises to change a fact? This might sound harsh, b
  10. Aww you are so nice Thanks Lapis! Frankly, I feel a lot better after reading your reply, especially after seeing your comfort emoticon.. ahhaaha a bit weird of me, but I just felt warm Seriously, I think you got a point in every sentence you wrote and I totally feel you. Like a real friend is for better or worse. I almost forget it. Thanks for bringing that up and the meaningful quote that re-define my perspectives in many ways. I'm glad you feel comfortable being alone. As a matter
  11. Hey Eddie, I believe we are at the same position. I totally feel for you I think we have a lot in common. Lol. We both study in university and encounter the same problem you have just mentioned( In fact I've been facing that for a year already, going through hell every day without friends while knowing I got a shitty gpa at the same time.. ) English is not my mother tongue too. I know that you wanna become a nurse and I'm now studying food and nutritional science. What a coincidence A
  12. Hey Rebel I'm sorry to hear you are going through a hard time. I'd be your friend. Believe me, this all shall pass.
  13. This is so TRUE. I think it doesn't only apply to a relationship but also friendship. People change. I was once a person who always told jokes and was a good mood. People love me. Now that I change, friends and I are not that close again as I felt like I'm not a fun person to be with.. Emptiness consumes me whenever I think of the fact that I don't have friends. It hurts like hell. How do you guys deal with it?