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  1. well actually i just broke out with this huge a** pimple which sux since i just posted this but when it clears up then i will surely post some for you
  2. just wanted to make this post, about 5 months ago, maybe less(4 months?) idk i stopped counting after my acne really improved. but my acne was soooo bad, mainly red marks but it was all over my face, incredibly dark marks but trentinoin is a lifesaver. originally i thot it was making my acne incredibly bad as i was breaking out with huge pimples and getting more and more marks but now 5 months in i look back and thank the lord that i chose trentinoin(retin A) It is a very slow progress and my ac
  3. Im going on week 11 starting monday and hopefully i can start seeing results this week because i might be going to universal next week with some really pretty girls. either way i just want results soon. anyways i hope u see ur results soon too but i would buy the tube and use that whole one before you consider quitting man
  4. your not quitting after the 3 month mark are you? because i would never quit a product right whne i started getting results but anyway good luck for next week:) hope u get the results u want
  5. well red marks are clearly the hardest part to get rid of. and from that picture then ur face is looking pretty good mate, i mean compared to the clear people then ur not there yet but the thing is that u are improving and thats what keeps me going. i dont care how long it takes(sooner the better) but as long as i keep improving and sooner or later then i will be clear then i am happy. im sorry that some are reappearing? how does that happen mate!? good luck on our continuing journey or tretinoi
  6. haha good choice, these past 2 days my acne has looked like its improving like in redness and all but i still have a few gross whiteheads and all:\ some big ones! its annoying but i have managed to survive without picking except when its like falling off and i do so in a very gentle clean manner. u gotta tell me when ur completely clear man! im sure im not the only one inspired by yuh
  7. im no expert and wouldn't know if you are applying it correctly but as long as you wait 30 minutes or so before applying tretinoin then you should be alright and not to scare you but some people experience there "initial breakout" for about 3 months or so, just make sure to only use a pea sized amount to avoid irritation and just wait for the results my friend:)
  8. alright ya thats pretty easy, so you dont use any bp or anything in your regimen? focusing completely on the tazorac for you. coolio, unfortunately i still use BP/salycyclid acid in the morning because if i dont then my skin looks just discusting all day and idk why but this stuff cools my acne down.
  9. just wondering, what do you use in the mornings? whats your regimen
  10. thanks for answering and all, your my inspiration in this(no homo) and i really hope i get results soon:) another breakout this morning so ehh:\ but hanging in there. cant wait to live great clear lives
  11. alright well i will apologize for my behavior before because i broke out the day i wrote that and was just basically ticked off about my situation, different things get to different people and if that makes you self cautious then i respect that. like i said, i reccomend AHA for you, i wouldn't do anything to harsh as it may worsen your situation(like retin A makes your acne way worse before hopefully getting better) if you are not into AHA then stick with your microdermabrasion kit. as long as y
  12. im actually using tretinoin .05 cream but still, supposed to be close to the same thing. going on my 10th week soon and really need some improvement. i mean my red marks look the same as they always have which is discouraging and i am still breaking out, not as bad or as much as before but still. Your picture just saved my hope man:) i really appreciate you posting back and i can only imagine how great your life is right now!! congratz!!!
  13. Honestly i really dont like when people come on this website to complain about there 1 acne mark or there 1 pimple and tell us how self cautious they are. i know that theres always someone out there dealing with something worse but like symmetry said, it sux to have a hundred of those on your face(which is partially what im dealing with) i say just suck it up and wait for yours to heal but u can try AHA or something like that
  14. hey, i read your whole thing today and wow good results:) i would reccomend you stick with what you are doing. dont change anything, if the differin is working for you and ur marks are lightening then why change what you are doing and possibly cause a breakout? just my opinion. Good luck:)