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  1. That's good to hear because it's not at all, I've done countless tests and I am not insulin resistant, nor have any problems lined with insulin as I eat a lot of fruit and it doesn't aggrivate my acne. I was just concerned with the Beans iodine level and the plantains sugar content. Any of that a problem?
  2. Well, I'm generally a neat freak and I don't think I have touched, stroked or leaned on my face in about 3 months and my face is generally clear. Just one query though; I have to get my hair cut later today and the barber is most likely touch my face, it's inevitable as that's how he works best, with full control. So, will this mean I would get a breakout? Or will washing my face immediately after save me? Just wondering if its guaranteed or avoidable. Or am I simply worrying too much?
  3. Is there Iodine in Beans? Specifically Brown Beans? o: Congrats too
  4. It does have a little sugar, but it's a great addition to a low GI diet. The skin also plays a part in organic soaps as it provides a large amount of Vitamin A and C. The sugar may be offputting but it's moderately low and can be balanced out with Beans and exercise. It may be different for people but I boil and eat Plantain and it doesn't break me out. Anyone else?
  5. I found some cans of Mackerel in the cupboard, they are in Sunflower Oil and contain Omega-3. Good to eat?
  6. Water doesn't come warm for a reason. Definitely cold c:
  7. Hello. I'm a Nigerian born living in the UK, and I have a lot of specific custom foods I eat daily, and I'm just wondering if they are contributing to my acne positivity or negatively. Nigerian Brown Beans I'm not too sure if Beans are good for you, I hear a lot of different point of views, but are these any better? I have this boiled. Plantain I think these my effect my acne as I have them everyday. I heard Banana were bad for you since they contained a high amount of sugar. Are these any d
  8. Yes, because people eat cereal once in a life time. You think about that.
  9. Do I have to go on a supplementary diet here? Where I can't eat anything. Because I'm pretty sure EVERYTHING causes acne these days. What bullshit. Now I hear kellogg products and other cereals cause acne as well as Milk and other dairy products. I'm pretty sure everyone who doesn't have acne eats cereal...
  10. Deep pore cleansers work wonders when the pore is actually open, meaning it really is deep pore treatment. Neutrogena works well. Then use Savlon for quick healing. Success.
  11. Unrelated question here; do you know if Aloe Moisturizing Lotion is oil free? Because at the back it reads Jojoba seed oil and Kernel Oil
  12. I've been using it for a week now and I've realized it's good at preventing breakouts seeing as I haven't had any recent spots 'till I started the regimen but the current spots I have are developing and getting bigger. Is there something else I should be using with it? Such as a face mask, if so recommendations?
  13. Opening up the pores is the most effective way of cleaning them. You can kill the bacteria simply.