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  1. thats what i was thinkin, neosporin. the salisilic acid based acne cream i have i think is just irritatng it more! maybe it would have healed by now had i not have been using that!
  2. so i know its a sin in the acne world to pop a zit until blood comes out but i did. oops.. its been over a week and the thing just doesn't want to heal. i have a party to go to this weekend. is there any cream out there that will help it heal quicker. should i use an acne cream or like an ointment that heals scabs/ scars? thanks
  3. Thats how I feel. I think that no matter how long I use it my skin will never like it. I think I will stick SA..doesn't combat acne as well but atleast my skin looks normal. i really like your avatar by the way :) i am a former pokeman collector..still a fan
  4. I have tried using BP for several weeks, maybe a month at longest and it seems like the irritation never gets better. I follow the regimen exactly, use a lot of good moisturizer, but my skin when I use BP is red, dry, burns, and strangely enough feels more oily and all around I look awful..the acne imrpoves but overall its not worth it to me! Anyone have any advice on how to combat irritation from BP or experiences of how long it can take to adjust to BP? thanks- )
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