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  1. Dear Tayto, Yes sadly I broke my fast ! I still regret not getting past day 15 this time around.. my skin was looking beautiful and I know the healing all takes place well after days 14-20.. but I still did heal a lot.. I will be doing another long one come august during my break from school and I am planning one over 30 days in December I will be posting here as I continue to fast.. over all my skin looks great.. the scars are still visible but I do have a glow and they did heal a lot.. t
  2. Day 1 or 16 (with a day break) So I felt really good that I had a movement this morning lol.. I am SO hungry but I am on the official fast again.. lol if I do it till next monday it will be 9 days .. but I guess I am not going to put a goal in place and just kinda go with the flow on this fast.. I do want to eat but then again I know this is my only break. Things I have learned after my 3rd long fast. - do not break your fast with pizza, sushi and subs... lol (I also ate a bunch of fruit) -
  3. So I had a huge test and broke the fast.. with way to much stuff I wont name.. lol Im going back on it tomorrow.. guess starting but day 1 but its kinda like day 16. but not really. I would count it as day 16 if I only had coconut water like once but that wast the case.. My digestion seems stuck (im not pooping all the stuff I ate) hence why im eating today and hopefully will poo before tmrw.. sorry for TMI... lol skin still looks great. so I go back to school the 12th so I guess this will be
  4. day 15 just woke up.. was around mango, soup, mac and cheese last night ,... oh and avocado... The avo and mango was the hardest for be to be around but I have come so far and I know my skin makes the transition from now till im done fasting... so to me that is more important .. I will basically eat again in about 10 days.. around day 24 or 25 if I end the 12th when school starts. I really want to go to the 28th so I may if I can things I am going to eat after a week of breaking the fast
  5. Hey everyday... day 14 here.. Its weird when I wake up no desire to eat.. night time/middle of the night.. hunger!!!!!!! However I am NOT giving up.. my facial skin is starting to look purdy.. and that means my digestive is starting to too.. cleaning from the inside out.. cant wait to see my weight this sat.. last I knew I was 128-130.. Symptoms.. Not tired thats forsure ive been moving around like a buzzing bee running errands.. the only time I get tired is when I lay like a log.. then my body
  6. day 14 begins in 1 1/2 hour yesss.. Its weird but for me alwyas on day 14 I can start noticing the difference.. I start glowing.. my face looks clear and bright.. I believe the evenness and tone looks better.. Took 3 detox baths today which felt great.. ill update real day 14 tomorrow when I am actually there lol.. but been looking in the mirror and the transition of skin is starting to happen ... which means that my digestive is reeally starting to heal too..
  7. DAY 13 So .. day 13 here.. ahhh ordered pizza for the hubs last night and oh my ba jeeze did it smell good.. I just smelled it for like 5 minutes.. along with the garlic butter sauce lol.. The most potent things smell the best when fasting (food wise) and it reminds you of what will be eventually.. But for day I want to get past 3 weeks with this fast so about 1 more week and ill be at 3 weeks.. 2 more weeks 4 weeks.. SO I read the other day that your skin replaces it self every 30 days.. and
  8. Thank you Tayto - Its really nice to hear some positive words... My last fasting experience I really see differences with scarring after day 14.. Now that I am just water there was a difference in skin texture for sure today.. When I eat real foods sometimes it does that too .. I think just because I am ingesting water and my digestive is healing so much the tea acted almost like a pollutant . When I eat normal foods I don't think it would do that but it may.However I never drink caffine nor gre
  9. Have internet lol.. Can't live with out it day 12. i just want to say I had some green tea and noticed a big difference.. For me it takes away the effects of water fasting.. I guess it is changing the chemicals in your brain .. personally I had more energy etc but I think for now on I will be on a pure water fast.. Also because I noticed instead of my skin being smooth like when I just have water it became an odd texture.. I woke up today with little red marks kinda on my face but now they a
  10. No prob!! Yes I loved a good watermelon.. Gods fruit!
  11. Mds- go to fastingconnection . com and also google fasting on youtube.. also google water fasting on google. I have researched it extensively and have had personal experience with fasting. It has brought me closer to God, enhanced my self confidence, and made me a master of free will.. When you fast I never think negative thoughts like "this is hurting me" quite the opposite in fact.. It has healed my gut.. I have been through a lot with acne you can read my logs and for me personally fasting
  12. I lived off of watermelon for a whole year.. along with other fruits.. it cleared me so I would say its one of the best foods in the world for you.. one time it was all I ate or mainly what i ate for 2 weeks.. perfectly clear, more energy and ran an hour a day also was at my ideal wight ... if your scared of it try eating it for a few days striaght just kinda like a mini cleanse.. my dad eats it all the time just to help his system get moving.. its actually his fave food and one of mine too..
  13. Day 10- So this morning I noticed some minor scars on my right cheek/face.. I am going to fast long enough and let you guys know if I see any progress.. I have seen progress with this before... each time I do long fasts they heal more and more.. I really try not to look in the mirror and criticize and most of the time so the louise hay method of loving myself while looking in the mirror etc (hence why my acne has cleared) however this morning I just observed them and looked back it and got
  14. On day 9 of my water fast.. Updates are posted in the log section which is also in my signature.. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
  15. Day 9... feeling good.. glad im still continuing.. looked at my skin in the sun today outside and a mirror and it looks really good.. its amazing what a week of fasting can do just for the texture... Going to get a massage on monday... Over all I feel really good.. The thought of eating again is nice but the healing my inner digestion and skin is going through is well worth the wait.. Plus I can only do this a couple times a year in between school and then again at christmas when im out of schoo