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  1. So, I am visting my dads for the week, and I forgot my face wash at home that has been working very well for me lately ! What should I wash my face with? I remembered my moisturizer. I'm also super self conscious about my face, so I find it so embarrassing to ask my dad to go get some ....
  2. I am currently using tea tree oil and that seems to help. Also, just recently I did a "detox" and my acne has seemed to clear up since then. What can I say... drink lots of water, dont touch your face, change your pillowcase often, keep away from sugary foods/drinks. I understand where you are coming from though. I refuse to go out if my acne is bad. All the best to you!
  3. I put it all over my face, but read it should only be a spot treatment... Is that okay?
  4. I just put some tea tree oil on, should I wash off before I go to bed? Or leave it on all night.