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  1. Its good that your doing your own homework but you should really consider going to see a good doctor who may be able to run some tests to see if maybe you have had an allergic reaction to something you had no idea about. Also dont be afraid to go to the beach and swim if you really love being in the the water. Let me put it this way If you love something you shouldn't let others get in the way of it right? So Throw caution to the wind and jump right in!!! ITs not like your going to the beach to
  2. Well its day 4 now and I Was so worried last night that I had popped a stich while turning in my sleep last night but to my luck It was just a little bit of blood and nothing more. So I let the wound dry out a little and took all the advice about not using baking soda and All I put on the wound to clean it today was a damp cotton ball and made sure to dry of the wound everytime after I used it. There is still that tiny bit of blood from the one sature but again nothing major and I feel no pain
  3. If your into Sports and stuff like that this type of acne on the back is very common. I had some of those same type of bumps before and all you can do is just wait it out really and make sure to keep the area clean around it. DONT Try to pick and break them as That will turn into a more Hard Bump and eventually will not go away so easily and may need a small incision to get the cystic bumps out. I had 3 just removed and while Im happy that I got them Cut out. I think it would of been better if
  4. Thanks for the Advice arizabif!!! I Just checked the wound one last time before going to bed and noticed there was no more blood. And the Satures were clean and the wound looked nice and dry and clean. I will not use anymore Baking Soda LOL!!! Even though it was just a spoons worth mixed in with Boiling Water. I think from what I gather being the best advice is just make sure the sature is dry and clean is the best advice and not try to treat it with anything more then just some warm water an
  5. Well just read the link and found another good page for anyone who may need it http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/people-and-...clean-stitches/ I didnt get my Satures wet at all for the first 2 days Monday-Tuesday I was told it was okay to shower on WED and leave the wound open to air out. Im going to get ready for bed soon and I hope I wont move around to much because Im pretty sure moving around is what is making a tiny bit of blood come out on my dressing LOL!!! But heck its on my back so It
  6. Hey Wynn They told me leave on a dressing for atleast 2 days and the lady said if it has a little bit of blood not to worry about it and just boil water and swipe a cotton ball when the water cools on the wound to clean the blood and the area out and then if I want put a fresh dressing/bandaid over it. since I still notice a tiny bit of blood I made up a new dressing to have for when I go to bed instead of just leaving the wound open and lying down on it since dirt could get into it if I move ar
  7. Thanks Wynne its been quite a while since I got Stitches and I couldnt remember exactly how long they took to come out. Pleased to hear your recovery's went very well and that the scar left behind wasnt bad at all. I Just gave the wound one more look before going to bed and it looks clean with a small bit of blood in the same area as last time but its not bleeding bad or nothing at all, It just leaks a little blood onto the bottom satures but not leaking bad or anything just sorta drips a tin
  8. Aww Thanks so much for giving me some insight I was thinking I might be all on my own with these questions and thoughts I had LOL!!! So Far i have not had any Pain at all and I dont think There is been anything discharged out of the wound besides some blood. I was told I could let it "air out" after the second day with the dressing on but after I took my shower with the dressing off, the bottom part of the wound was giving out a tiny bit of blood but nothing bad at all. So I decided to let it
  9. Hey guys it day 3 and I took of the dressing off and had a shower and it looked like the stitches were holding pretty nice and there was no signs of yellow pus or anything other then it bleeding a tiny bit every now and then. There is two tiny little bumps on my skin at both ends where the stitches come to an end and Im wondering if maybe that is just because of the stitches since its at both ends of where the stitches end and maybe thats just from the pull of the stitches and so forth and will
  10. Whether I have scabs from acne healing or from a cut playing sports most of the time these suckers just peel of by them selves after a few days of washing them and messaging them gently in warm water.
  11. Hey Ranger I read your threads a long while back and While your Acne looked really bad to most people including your mom LOL!!! I knew with a Good postive outlook in dealing with it and letting the accutane try and do its job you would have a good chance of coming out of the battle as the winner LOL!!! I had a buddy in Highschool that had serious acne and he went on the Accutane and after a few months it just got better and better. Acne 0 RC Ranger 1 I myself have suffered from Acne since teen
  12. Come On Lads I think alot of people would be Shocked to find out that Simpson and others Might Actually USE PROACTIVE. And Yes I do agree that there out to make a Buck but these "celebs" are normal people at the end of the day and will try any thing to help there acne be it from Walmart or from Beverly Hills LOL!!!. Just because they may have a Bigger House,Bigger Swimming Pools,And Nicer Cars then most people doesnt mean when they go to take a "number 2" in the washroom there Shit smells like R
  13. Hey Mate!!! I wouldn't worry so much about you facial acne as I have seen people with Much WORSE acne on there face recover and So will you once you find a good way to control it. As for Proactive I have been using it for years and its done Wonders. I still get a few Zits here or there but thats usually because I stay up Late to much and dont get enough sleep LOL!!! Alot of people here have tried Proactive and have gave up on it right away without making looking at the problem with a little mor
  14. Well its day 2 and even though I was warned yesterday that later in the might I might "feel" some pain a bit I didnt feel NOTHING!!! I ended up getting a second opinion from a Doctor about the Minocyline and told him my worries and he was very Helpful in letting me know I shouldn't worry about all the "bad side effects" that I have read because its a very Rare thing especially since my prescription for the mino is only for 2 months and then thats it. He said if Im really worried just take it for
  15. Hey Guys Im new and I just wanted to tell my little story and get some good advice and tips from people. So Today I Got some Cystic Acne Removed 3 that were connected and one just below them just under my shoulder/back . At First the Student Doctor at the Doctors office didnt really give me much hope of removal as she just said It might be worth it to Leave them alone and then gave me a Minocycline RX. I asked her if maybe she could send me to a Derm to take a look at it and she was quite hones