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    I love to dance ( Jazz, Modern, Acro,Ballet) And i also do gymnastics :)
  1. Cristine16

    Cristine's Pics

    Hey, Just some pics of me, please comment, PM me if you want to talk
  2. Cristine16

    First time posting here

  3. Cristine16

    First time posting here

    Aww im so sorry that happened to you, kids can be so cruel sometimes..But thanks for you're reply it means alot to me, ill be PMing you soon
  4. Cristine16

    First time posting here

    Thanks you're a sweetie BDD is Body Dysmorphic Disorder, its basically when you become so obsessed with the way you look or a certian area it effects the way you live you life and in my case, i'd always be looking in mirror and getting so discusted with the way I looked it would bring me to tears, I also used to cover my face with my hair, it was awful. I remember when i was in 6th grade someone had called me "pizza face" and "ugly" thats when it all got started.
  5. Cristine16

    First time posting here

    Thanks so much I started taking both of them about a week or so ago, I know my acne isnt severe but when i was younger i must say it was pretty bad. It kept me from school/social events, made me very unhappy with the way i look. And i was diognosed with BDD and as of right now im getting home tutored because school is just too much for me right now. (of course thats not the whole reason but i'd rather not bore you with my whole life story But anyways thanks for your comment, i'll def. be upda
  6. Cristine16

    First time posting here

    Hey guys this is my first time posting here, My name is Cristine and im 16, ive had acne sence i was 12, ive just started taking Bactrim and im using Tazorac twice a day..I just thought i would post some before pictures and hopefully my skin will improve. here are a couple pictures, they are pretty bad quality because of the cheap camera lol. but, Acne Pics Also i have some reg pictures with makeup on if you want to check them outMy reg pictures
  7. Cristine16

    Palladio Powder Foundation

    I love this stuff, ive been using it for over a year now and its the only makeup that works for my skin, i wouldnt suggest using it wet though because it tends to look "cakey" that way. i love it dry. So yeah you should def. look into getting it. i buy it at SallyBeauty for about 10 bucks.