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  1. I do try varying it with peas when i can. Im aiming to lose some weight, about 30 pounds in about 3 months. and then after that start bulking up. no i dont exercise after my last meal i do it in the afternoons. You commented that im eating to little protien should i start adding in pork or steaks? Im working my way up to an hour or 45 min of low to moderate cardio and an about and hour of weights 3x's a week. thanks for your imput
  2. Ive been trying to eat a heathier diet to acommodate my exercise regimen. My typical day: Breakfeast: 3-4 eggs scrambled Banna Lunch: Apple Carrotsh Vegan cheese a turkey samwhich on whole wheat bread Dinner: Chicken or fish Corn I would like more variety, but i need something to eat as a snack because i get hungry after school before i work out. Also, how does this diet sound?
  3. Since ive posted this, there has been improvment, i guess it must have been a late breakout i started the regimen on august 31st so im about to start my 11th week. i have not had a new breakout since, so ill try to be even more gentle, and if its not fine by new years ill consider accutane.
  4. Im almost on my 12th week of the regimen, and i sometimes get breakouts on my face, but iam still getting acne on my body and theyre always cysts i haveseveral active ones as we speak. Is this normal or am i do something wrong? Should i consider accutane? btw i do both the DK Severe body regimen and the DK face regimen
  5. i can use the cleanser 3 times a day...just not the topicals???
  6. Thank you, of course i wont stop using my meds, but i could start acutally taking my preventatives so i dont have to use my inahler all the time
  7. I have Asthma, and i wonder if the meds i take or the imflammation form it would be a factor..
  8. Id love to know this aswell, Im almost on week 8 BTW i use the exact same Jojoba oil..
  9. I like that quote. I've always said: I didn't play the hand I was dealt, To build myself up, at first I had to melt, Throw the cards back, and trash the deck, I'm running my own life, I'm earning respect. Right now im starting to find myself again...
  10. Im planning on starting on the akin to the Paleo diet. Ive been reading all the threads on this forum, but i cant really tell.. What meat to eat? (like fish, steak, chicken?) What veggies are good/or bad? What fruits to eat?
  11. *bows to a master & is being all obedient now* lol but..bah what can i say then? :shrug: i cant go praising myself nowayz dude, im my own worst enemy, just caant~ :ohno: well how about i just skip the sad and angry stuff and just silently write about todays progress, huh? :shifty: so day..which one was it again? 6? or maybe 1? u decide ppl.. didnt pick, didnt touch, didnt pluck, like at all! and didnt even thought about it bcs i was frust..i mean happy! about somethng today too m
  12. Alright, im on the DKR severe body acne regimen.. And i use two pumps on my chest, two pumps on both shoulders, two pumps for upper back, two for lower back, and one pump for middle back.. would it be enough bp if when i did my shoulders i just used one pump, instead of two?
  13. Well, i use two pumps of bp..
  14. Ive never had redness or flakyness since i started the regimen.. idk why