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  1. I ditched an appointment with the dermatologist today because I'm not exactly convinced that perscription drugs is exactly the way to go when it comes to dealing with hormonal acne - especially since I'm already on a birth control pill and introducing another pill that would affect my hormones just seems risky. So I thought I'd ask those of you who have cystic acne and realize that it's hormonal - aka mostly around the time of your period / even ovulation, how you deal with it. What works for yo
  2. I too suffer from enlarged pores and what helps me create a smoother surface for my rough looking skin is the L'oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base - it goes on like a balm and helps fill in pores. I really rely on it and it's worth a shot for you at only about $11 like at Target. The little jar also goes a long way - I use it about 1-2 times a day and it lasts for up to about three months.
  3. My acne was at bay for a while but now it's being a big bummer. Not sure what my 'trigger' is. My period doesn't start for another two weeks. I break out in smaller pimples usually and then about 1 or 2 persistent and routine cysts on the same exact places on my chin every time - not sure how to stop them. I am 24. I take Ortho-Tricyclen. For supplements I take a multi-vitamin every other day. I'm not a big eater and don't eat very unhealthily. Exercise moderately. I haven't been treating my
  4. Just wondering if any of you knew of any good alternatives to BP that can help hormonal acne. I've noticed that some of my cysts are absolutely persistent, have lasted for weeks and I sometimes break out again in the very same pore. Are there any good topicals that can help? Do any of you know of a decent prescription? When I went to the dermatologist I was perscribed Doxy-whatever, took that, and saw no improvement. I am in the middle of my second cycle of OrthoTricyclen right now and trying la
  5. Wow - I was just about to make a thread asking about persistent cysts I have that seem to be hormonal and immune to topicals like BP right now. Crap.
  6. Hey smartie - I decided to read your log because I recently experienced my own BCP nightmare. I stopped using OrthoTriCyclen Lo in January and while I had never had perfect, clear skin, it was only prone to breakouts very rarely. By July I had full on acne, complete with light scarring and the texture of my face is now ruined due to completely enlarged, gaping pores. Like you I tried a diet change for months complete with work outs as well as a trip to the dermatologist. He recommended I not d
  7. Eucerin makes great non-comedogenic moisturizers.
  8. I've heard that Clinique's foundation made for acne prone skin works very well but what has really helped me the most was using a correcting primer - I use Loreal Studio Secrets Perfecting Base which acts like a nude colored balm and smooths out your complexion and mattes your blemishes so that even a powder glides on evenly and stays on. I use Chanel Double Matte Perfection which is a dual powder / liquid and glides on so pretty for a more natural look after years of using Boots No.7 liquid fou
  9. I've tried smashbox and a few other "green" concealers but the best base I've ever tried is the Loreal Studio Secrets Perfecting Base - it's a nice light pink and goes on like a light balm and smooths out the skin. They also carry a green primer - I've been so happy with the Base I would try that primer but I'm currently using Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion which eliminates the redness on my face very easily and has SPF.
  10. I use Eucerin Redness Relief Perfecting Lotion which has SPF 15! It works great. After applying that I use Studio Secrets Primer / Perfecting Base which smoothes over my blemishes and makes my face matte. It's nice if you don't want to wear foundation or anything else / day at the beach type of deal.
  11. My face is similar which has rapidly happened just this year when I developed acne after coming off the pill. My face isn't exactly "controlled" free of breakouts yet but to minimize pore appearance I use Eucerin moisturizers only (Q10 Anti-Wrinkl and Redness Relief Perfecting Lotion). To smooth out my skin I rinse my face at night with Chamomile tea which smooths out your skin and is effective. Not to help minimize pores and scars I am going to do a lactic acid peel. I am sensitive to salicycli
  12. Sometimes when my cysts come to a head - I use benzoyl peroxide to help get rid of them. Try using that after if you try the St. Ive's - it helps just speed up the process.
  13. Always look for a moisturizer that stats it's non-comedogenic so it won't clog your pores. Try Eucerin, it has SPF which is also helpful.
  14. Try St Ive's - it might be able to bring that swelling down a bunch before you can get to the derm's office on Monday.
  15. I've been looking at the glycolic acid peels - have you tried those? My skin seems to be extra sensitive to salicyclic acid so I don't even use it as a topical anymore. I'm leaning right now towards a mild 10%-20% glycolic peel.