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  1. Hey all, What are your recommendations for the best primer for acne prone skin? I'm starting to look into primers again now that my skin has gotten better, but my skin doesn't like heavy, masklike primers because it will break me out. Here's a list of stuff that has broken me out: BareMinerals PrimeTime Tarte Clean Slate Primer Laura Mercier Oil-Free Primer Does anyone have some suggestions for primers that have a lightweight or gel-like texture that is also good for sensitive skin
  2. I've used Dermablend and it's pretty water resistant - even in the summer when I'm sweating a lot. I haven't dunked my entire face in water when I wore it but I'm pretty sure it will stay on a decent amount. Of course though, as said before, you need to use setting powder from Dermablend as well, though I suspect silica powder works too (Make Up For Ever HD powder or ELF Studio powder).
  3. ate so much potato chips... my skin is gonna pay

  4. Ack, so I haven't written in two months. I should update. I'm going to continue blogging here because I think that even though this blog is a "Post-Acne" blog, it doesn't indicate that I am acne free. Rather, I want to emphasize in this blog that I have found an effective way to deal with my acne, and I am continuing to change/tweak my regimen as my skin changes, or if the need arises. Also because I keep changing my regimen, so I think this is a good way to document how certain combinations
  5. Ack this question is asked so many times. I feel that everyone's skin is different, and so it's really a matter of finding out which foundations/concealers work for your and learning what ingredients would aggravate your skin. As a guideline, I think acne sufferers are usually told to go for makeup that's oil free and noncomedogenic. But then again, that's a guideline... since I've definitely found foundations that aren't listed as noncomedogenic, and one foundation that has oil that works well
  6. I think it may depend on what kind of makeup you use that causes your oiliness... I also have pretty blotchy uneven skin too, but it leans more towards combination than oily. What works for me is during my super oily days, using a mineral powder foundation (Everyday Minerals) (for some light coverage), and a setting/oil absorbing powder with kaolin clay (Cover Fx Powder Fx foundation) keeps my face looking matte for a good number of hours. Though for you, I feel that if your skin is really
  7. I think it's possible that hair products can affect your skin - I find that the biggest culprit for me is the silicone/wax/oils that's in hair products, and can sometimes break me out. For some others, it's different ingredients and irritants. Although, I feel that you may never know if a product is breaking you out until you've actually used it for a while. Personally, if I put a hair product on my hair, I find that as long as I keep my hair away and not touching my facial skin, I won't b
  8. Hey all, I've been super curious about how much coverage everyone here wants when it comes to putting on makeup for acne. From what I've seen a lot of, it seems that people use makeup that gives full coverage (full opacity) to hide acne. I wonder what everyone's take is on that? Do you cover fully or just enough to hide acne? I just feel like I'm one of the few people who, in my more recent years, have slowly gone from full coverage to medium to light coverage because I'd rather my skin lo
  9. Alpha hydroxy acid creams are great, and help exfoliate and slough off the dead skin cells to reveal fresher skin. However, it can cause stinging and burning at first, and aren't really great for sensitive skin. I do recommend this though, as it's helped improve my complexion as well as helped with acne. Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Cream (10% AHA) is one that I like and use.
  10. You could reduce the frequency or the amount of BP used. I don't have experience with either cleanser, so I can't help you there... but I also heard that sulfur is a great alternative to BP because it's gentler and just as effective. I think Murad has some good sulfur containing products. Hope this helps!
  11. THIS! I love this stuff. Also this stuff lasts so long! You only need a bit of it to wash your face.
  12. Thank you. I've also been having this problem too. Is it safe to use aloe vera and benzoyl peroxide together though?
  13. For removing blackheads, there's several methods that's always worked for me in helping minimize pores. First, open up your pores by taking a hot shower. The steam will open up the pores. In the shower, use a gentle scrub with salicylic acid to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and to help get rid of blackheads. After you step out of the shower, you can do a few things to treat blackheads, starting from the gentlest method to the harshest (in terms of irritation). 1. On a daily basis
  14. Hey Adalyn, I recently had a discussion pertaining to this topic with my Dermatologist who oddly enough, released some studies on sebum production to the California Board of Dermatology. He says there is not much that can ultimately be done to control oil on the face for an extensive period of time and most over the counter topical gels and lotions that claim to do so are all part of a "billion dollar industry scam." He mentioned that in most cases, even Accutane can not prevent your body from r