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  1. I believe it was Re:pair - but I am not positive. I am waiting to hear back from my doctor and I will let you know for sure. I actually do plan on waiting - even if I did have it done it would be in the fifth month of heeling. I plan on asking my doctor I just wanted as much feedback as possible. This seemed like the best route to take - especially if anyone has had both procedures done.
  2. I just have a few questions on chemical peels and would love to hear anyone with any advice - especially those who have had them done before. I recently had laser surgery done to my face - Fraxel..something, I can't quite remember - about two months ago - late August. Having said that, I was wondering what a good time frame is after having laser surgery done to have a chemical peel or two done. I have really shallow scarring - I can only see it under the worst light or in direct sunlight it see
  3. I just had fraxel repair done today. I am hoping for somewhat of a successful surgery. The dermatologist told me that my scarring was one of the most minimal she had seen so I am praying that one or two treatments will do the trick. I have been beating myself up over getting something done and now I have. I am excited to see the results - if any. Hope life treats you wonderfully "Help Wanted" keep your head up - looks like it is going in the right direction.
  4. Thanks, I really appreciate it. Anything is useful and I didn't abandon it just yet... And I had no intention of just going on the fly with anyone recommendations. I will definitely do some research on any suggestions. Haha, I did in High School. I never really took it further than that. The college I go to has a pretty legit squad - but it is only Division 3.
  5. I am looking for some recommendations on types of treatments for both icepick and rolling scars. I have, what I believe to be, shallow scarring, but it is still noticeable in most lighting situations. When i stretch my skin they almost dissipate completely. Any type of treatment suggestions would be useful.
  6. your age: 20 your nationality/race: Tenessean. (Caucasian American) your side of the world: Tennessee, United States Taken back in May for one of my friends birthdays. Just some random picture... High School graduation, two years ago and two years after accutane.
  7. I was able to grow facial hair before any of my friends could even dream about it - around the 7/8th grade years in Middle School and I by-far had the worst acne than anyone I even knew - those inside and outside of school. So, I would assume that, yes, it can be clogged.. mine was severely. Around my freshman and sophomore years of High School I went on accutane and saw no effect with how my facial hair grew, if that is what you meant, and I also rarely get any pimples - maybe one a month if th
  8. I went on Accutane my Freshman/Sophomore years of High School and now I am a Junior in college. Accutane gave me a few scars - something I have relentlessly have tried to deal with much like most on here - and still had mild red marks where my scars are. I have noticed that the overall redness has diminished over the last few years - but still remains. I am wondering if there are any good creams that can be used to rush the process and also any vitamins that would also supplement the effects of
  9. Dansoccer


    Just me.
  10. Is there anything natural, whether it be a commercial product or not, to reduce the redness of the scars? I would rather not touch them - for fear of them getting worse - but if I could somehow reduce the overall redness of the scars I would be completely content. After examining the boards I have noticed, or better yet realized, that many would kill to have the skin I have - whether or not it really does bother me or not. Any suggestions/products that could reduce the red tint would be apprecia
  11. Eh, if I had a better camera you could... You really can't tell from a distance I guess, anyways, but, like I said and you, it just the thought that kills you.. One can bring you down no matter how many great ones you have had throughout the day..
  12. http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/774/acneq.jpg http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/3525/acne2y.jpg About the best I can do, picture-wise. For some reason I think these pictures look worse than it does when I look in the mirror.. so.. : / Well, that didn't work out as I planned, but just copy and paste them into your url bar..
  13. Yeah, it is expensive, but it should be worth it in the end. I would spend a million if I didn't have to wake up and throughout the day have the "What does my face look like right now?" thought in the back of my head all day.