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  1. I have the BP 2.5%, but please could someone recommend the best cleaser/moisturizer available from boots? Thanks
  2. Hi I neve really got spots until I was around 19/20. I'm now 23 and at any given point in time I'd say I have between 5-10 red inflamed spots on my face (cheeks/forehead/chin) + also on my chest/shoulders/back. I've tried using the clean+clear advantage kit but haven't had much success with it. What else can I try that is good for this type of acne? (I don't get whiteheads or blackheads) Are there any tests I can have done to determine what might be causing them? Or is there something I shou
  3. I'm uk. thanks, will try your suggestion. had acne for probably 4/5 years.
  4. Actually no, I rarely see any white heads. So that would suggest it's just a shaving irritation? So something like aloe vera might do the trick for those spots? If so, will give it a go, thanks. At the same time tho, there are spots on the side of my forehead and near the top of the cheek area, which I think might be something different. They tend to be bigger and more swollen than the spots on the jawline. Any thoughts on how to tackle those? Thank
  5. I think there is a mixture of spots, and red marks left by previous spots.
  6. looking at the link I would say I have mainly papule with possibly a couple of nodules anyone have any ideas? maybe if I just pick up a mild acne soap and start cleaning twice a day this might help me out? thnks
  7. Hey Thanks for the response. It's not just where I shave, I get on my chest and back, and if you look carefully you'll also see some spots on the side of my forehead. I haven't been to see my GP, I was hoping there was something i could try first and then if no luck can visit him.
  8. Hello all, Please see my pics below which shows my spots. Could you tell me what type of acne it is, how severe it is, and what would be the bet things to try on it? I'm 22 btw. I have a tried BP in the past and not really noticed much difference. What products would best treat this type of acnce? Ideally I'd like something that works from the inside, to tackle the root of the problem. But I am not against trying some kind of daily skin regime if that will help. Looking forward to your respo