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  1. Hey, Ive been off it for a year - it didnt impact on my hair, only thing is that my skin is not as perfect as it was whilst I was on accutane... I get a few spots here and there, but its nothing serious! I just hope it return to thr state it was before - its so odd why acne even arrives!
  2. I have had really clear skin up till about now, I get a few spots every other week. I worry it is coming back! Its no where near as bad, but it just panics me.. also I seem to get a few tiny spots on my nose, like a rash? what is this?
  3. I have a question for you. This is very important to me right now. During your course, did you have under the skin bumps, you know like milia or whitheads sitting under the skin which made the texture of your skin look bumpy, but they were not inflamed or anything. If so, did they go away? How? And when did you notice that they went away? yes i did, they too seemed to have subsided after 4 months... you know the best thing to wash your face in is aqueous cream and an abricot wash..i s
  4. Isotretinoin which it's the active ingredient of Accutane used as chemotherapy to cure brain cancer patients .... So it's obvious that we will suffer from chemotherapy side effects like chemo perm and chemo brain .. yikes! that's really alarming...didn't think of it as a 'chemo perm' i guess it alters the hydrogen bonds and chemical structure of the hair. I thought it was to do with the hair shoots..being altered, so that theyre tighter, producing the kink...
  5. Hey thanks guys =) Yeh basically, my log could have condensed with vintagelovers haha...its on the board somehwere amongst the other posts, you may have to check back a few threads though...=/ But, I can summarize here.... My skin during first 2 weeks was good, broke out like crazy for a month thereafter, recoered and then month 3 it broke out again, but the severity was less for each subsequent breakout! I was on 70mg OD for 4.5 months, my kin stopped breaking out by month 4 and thereafter
  6. Im from UK...I have loads of product don't worry.... that's insane though :s wonder why that has happened..u can see from my pics, but my hair is like looped especially the frindge :S It is quite cool I get to have two types of style, but i think the gland architecture has been altered, such that the hair root has a kink.
  7. I used to have poker straight hair before accutane, now since I have been off it didnt get a 'hair loss' but more came out when in the shower, however, it has stopped doing this...but now the regrowth is soo curly its insane, lik proper loops :s didnt no the drug could do this!
  8. Here's a pic of my skin now, the stuff is amazing - complete godsend I get around one spot per month on average as opposed to like 20! skin is more greays but i wash it more frequently and that helps!
  9. I want to be on the drug forever. I had virtually no side-effects except my initial breakout and dryness. I really hope it doesnt return..I'll update photos soon! I did have a before and after photo on another thread. But i'll try and update =)
  10. Im done!! Took my last pill today! So happy to be done. Saw my derm he was so happy, I don't have any spots now. My scars have improved only minr contours now =) I love accutane. Ive been on accutane for 4.5 months 70mg. I hope it does not return - he said it's rare and standard procedures should suffice - if i get the odd one. I.e. panoxyl etc. =)
  11. O god I had this..it wore off though further into the course. Clonidine is an adrenoreceptor activator, it essential causes the vascular smooth muscle in your blood vessels to relax, ised primarily as an anti-hypertensive. I believe it also inhibits sympathetic nerve stimulation responsible for perspiration.
  12. Hey Vintage, How are you progressing? Day 97 pour moi, It's going alright now, just small pimples come up like twice a week. But it's very minor, have like less than a month to go before im over. If I get any cysts/more than one spot im going to ask for an extension. Went to the hair stylist today, he normally comments on my appearance, he's like mr Vain lol - he was like o your skin is much better, and he said my hair was less dry which is good! I'm considering close shaving, but fear a br
  13. Ive been taking accutane for 97 days now, like week 14 - not long left! My stomach hurts soo much after consuming the capsules nowadays. I take 70mg per day and it feels fairly painful, like intense dyspepsia. I have a feeling my stomach wants to reject it, because it's been in my system for so long? I mean it's doing its job, so can't be too negative, just didnt know side effects come into play so late in the game!
  14. Since Ive taken accutane Ive experienced nothing but bad luck. Not visually of course, I mena it has really cleared up my skin - for the time being. But, job applications etc have failed. Ive never had this before, I'm used to getting positions and I feel the accutane has changed my identity. I know this sounds stupid, but I feel like it has. I don't know, maybe its best as to how I was before - I feel ive gone against nature at and all...