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  1. Okay so last week i was braking out so bad on my four head and on my cheeks, pretty much everywhere on my face is sucked! and it was because i started a new birth control YAZ... i was freaking out about it because i needed something that can help me not brake out and keep my acne under control and i wanted something that could work on my scares too. So i saw the Clean & Clear 2- in-1 acne mark eraser kit, and i really wanted to try it so my mom got it for me about 3 days ago and i think its
  2. Strwberry2178- Hmm no i didn't when i started it i had really bad acne on my cheeks and the bums all went away i was so happy and i would notice before i took it during the day that i would be in a super bad mood before i took it then when i would take it i would be in the greatest mood ever(: it didn't cure my acne but it made it a lot more manageable if YAZ doesn't do anything for my acne i'm going to switch back to it (: i hope it works for you and good luck hun!
  3. So i'm curious.. i have the type of acne where they Always leave a scare after they go away is that normal? and how can i help it? it sucks because after the pimple is gone theirs still a scare there.. i can cover it up with make up but when i take off the make up i cant even look in the mirror.. the dermatologist gave me this thing called (Tretionin Gel) i did it for about 2 months it helped with it a little but it just hurts to do it, the gel makes your face all red and then it pills of layers
  4. I used to get this red little bumps on my thighs i thought they were acne but then i went to the dermatologist and he said it wasn't acne, i forgot what he said it was but he came me this lotion like stuff its called (Plus Smoothing Essentials) and the brand is (Eucerin) i use it for like 3 weeks straight and it worked like a charm the redness went away and so did all the little bumps.. i don't know if you have this but its worth a shot (: Good luck!
  5. So i just stared YAZ birth control for my acne.. So far it sucks /: the first week i got sick like every night then the beginning of the second week i stared braking out more then i usally would like around by chin on my for head and on my cheeks i hate it, i used to take a birth control called Aviane i was on it for about a year and it cleared up my acne pretty good but i would always get a brake out here and there.. so i my doctor piscribed me to YAZ and i dont know if i still want to keep ta
  6. i'm taking Gianvi its the generic for YAZ birth control im on the last of my second week and i'm braking out like crazy /: i was reading some other comments on it and some of the girls said they broke out really bad at first then it all went away and they haven't had a brake out sense.. i hope thats how it works for me. but i haven't been having any mood swings or getting depressed.. so i think my body just getting used to it.