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  1. Yes. I really do because I have clogged pores (which might sprout any day into pimples) in addition to active pimples and BP supposedly doesn't unclog pores. But then again, I'm afraid exfoliants will fk up my face.
  2. Hi all, I'm about 3 weeks into the regimen. When should I start adding in exfoliants, and what kind (gel, liquid)? My acne has gone down a bit but I still have several large pimples on my face and a variety of small bumps on my forehead and cheek. Are these clogged pores? If so...shouldn't I be exfoliating to open/unclog them? All comments appreciated
  3. The regimen is somewhat working. At first I guess I was caught up adding random steps in addition to Dan's regimen such as AHA cream and Salicylic acid toner Then I followed it more strictly for about 3 days and last night I mixed some rice vinegar with water and sprayed that on my face before BP. This morning the redness of my acne has gone down and I hope it will continue to work for me
  4. Very interesting concoction. What exactly is the difference between using regular vinegar vs apple cider vinegar? Also, in what part of the regimen would you add this "toning" step? Cleanse, BP, tone, then moisturize? I've been on the regimen for about 3 weeks now. Can I start adding this to my regimen or should I wait a bit longer? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I'm starting to see dark spots on my face, especially on my forehead. What are these spots? Are they the remains of acne that was killed by BP? Help! These spots are ugly and how can I get rid of them? Thanks,all comments appreciated.
  6. Thank you for the fast response. I have a question about exfoliaters now. Why is Dan so keen on using AHA on top of BP and not BHA (salicylic acid)? He claims AHA cream is like a miracle "zit zapper"; yet salicylic acid seems to be an irritater/dryer?
  7. Hi all, Two days ago I bought the Sea Breeze Astringent with 1% salicylic acid. After using a cleanser and waiting 10 minutes, I am applying the astringent, waiting another half hour, and then using Dan's BP. What are your comments about using SA in an astringent form before using BP? From what I've heard, SA and BP work well together (isn't that what Max Clarity does...) Or will this combination be too irritating for the skin? Help!!! I'm very worried that this astringent might break me o
  8. Thank you for the responses. I started seriously committing to the regimen about 2.5 weeks ago. My skin has cleared up a bit, but the past 3 days have been horrible for me. Nasty red breakouts on my face after using AHA cream. I thought the cream was supposed to help exfoliate and get rid of the pimples faster. EDIT: Isn't AHA supposed to be a magical "zapper" as Dan calls it; it quickly reduces large zits when applied after BP?
  9. Hi all, In addition to my cleansing and applying Dan's BP, I added a Walgreens AHA face cream 3 days ago. I use this cream once a night before bed. However, I've suddenly experienced major breakouts, especially on my forehead and near my temples. The pimples are pretty large and several of them have ugly, white, pus - filled heads. I don't know if this is a positive or negative reaction to the cream; or maybe has nothing to do with the AHA at all? if it is the AHA, is this part of a "purging
  10. Thank you for another detailed response. I would classify my acne as mild. There are a few large pimples under my nose and on my forehead (~5), and the rest on my face are smaller bumps. http://www.paulaschoice.com/category/bha-a..._utmk=118504201 According to that video, she makes it sound like BHA's are a much better choice because they have more properties and can penetrate into the skin while AHA's can't... However, Dan uses an AHA as a spot treatment. I'm so confused on which is a bett
  11. Hi all, After reading tons of topics on the acne.org forums, I'm still having a hard time understanding the difference between the two. From what I know, both are exfoliants but AHA is water soluable and exfoliates on top of the skin. What does this do? Remove tops of pimples so they disappear faster? BHA (Salicylic acid...?) is oil soluable and exfoliates by reducing swelling inside the pore. What does this do? Get rid of dead skin cells inside the pimple?? So basically my question is, whic
  12. Thank you very much for you detailed reply. How can I determine what pH my skin is at? How can I make it a 3 for the SA to be effective? I use a cleanser, then apply BP, then apply SA?
  13. Hi all, I've decided to start using a Salicylic cream in addition to Cleansing, then applying DKR's 2.5% BP to my skin. What are your opinions on this? Should the SA be in liquid form instead as part of the cleanser? How tough will it be on my skin if I use both a BP gel and a SA gel? What are some Brands of SA cream/gel that I can find at Walgreens/CVS?All of the ones I see are in liquid form inside cleansers. Thanks, all comments appreciated.
  14. Hi all, I have a quick question about BP wash vs BP gel. What are your opinions? What are the differences between the two? The only thing I can think of is that BP wash only stays for like 2 minutes; then you have to wash it off. On the other hand, gel stays on your face for "longer." Any comments appreciated.
  15. Hi all, I just discovered this website last week and I've been roaming around reading a lot. To start off, I'm a 17 year old male. I would consider my acne to be mild-moderate because there are small bumps on both cheeks and forehead, and around 10 larger, more easily visible "large pimples" (which aren't whiteheads though). I decided to seriously start treating my acne this summer and I've been using Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser and then applying 10% BP as spot treatment (morning a