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    I love anime, many types of music, writing, drawing, and all that jazz. <br /><br />I love long walks on the beach, spending time with my boyfriend, and am not allowed in the state of Kentucky. ;)<br />I'm kidding about the Kentucky thing...lol

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It makes my face glow and cleared up my acne greatly in only a few days! =D It feels a bit itchy at first and is mildly drying. It really works. The mild discomfort is worth it, and if you use the moisturizer properly the drying is far less severe.

By TwilitWolfy,

It left my skin feeling very clean. It was sudsy and felt nice. It was simple to use. It's quick. It seems to be working. The smell made me gag! I even contacted the website to see if something was wrong with my cleanser! They haven't written me back yet. It honestly smells like vomit... It dried my skin out a little. Overall I liked it. If I hold my breath while washing my face, it's awesome.

By TwilitWolfy,