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    I love anime, many types of music, writing, drawing, and all that jazz. <br /><br />I love long walks on the beach, spending time with my boyfriend, and am not allowed in the state of Kentucky. ;)<br />I'm kidding about the Kentucky thing...lol

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  1. TwilitWolfy

    Maybelline FIT Me Powder

    I recently needed a new powder. I was only using a Cover Girl Finishing Powder (since I don't really want to cover my skin). I recently tamed my acne with the Regimen and worried that switching my powder to Fit Me powder might make me break out. I bought it (off of my friend's recomendation) and tried it yesterday. So far, my skin hasn't changed. This is my second day using it. Does this mean I'm in the clear (no pun intended), or should I still be cautious? Thanks!!
  2. TwilitWolfy

    Does anyone else think Dan's Cleanser has a bad smell?

    Thanks! I e-mailed them and they offered to either refund my purchase or replace it. (Awesome customer service!) It's cleared me up a lot, so I'm going to keep using it.
  3. So... I recently started using the Regimen. I washed my face for the first time with the cleanser, and noticed the bottle said "fragrence free." I beg to differ. I took a wiff out of curiosity and was whacked in the face with an awful smell! Don't think this is gross, but it kinda smelled like my puppy's vomit. Yuck! Has anyone else noticed a stench, or should I be concerned?
  4. TwilitWolfy

    It makes my face glow and cleared up my acne greatly in only a few days! =D It feels a bit itchy at first and is mildly drying. It really works. The mild discomfort is worth it, and if you use the moisturizer properly the drying is far less severe.
  5. TwilitWolfy

    It left my skin feeling very clean. It was sudsy and felt nice. It was simple to use. It's quick. It seems to be working. The smell made me gag! I even contacted the website to see if something was wrong with my cleanser! They haven't written me back yet. It honestly smells like vomit... It dried my skin out a little. Overall I liked it. If I hold my breath while washing my face, it's awesome.
  6. TwilitWolfy

    What do you think looks worse?

    I've been dealing with the same thing. I just started the regimen, and my face looks pretty bad. I used it before bed and I woke up with brighter (not really clearer) skin. I decided to toss my liquid foundation, out of fear that I wouldn't heal without it. I only put on eye make up and a clear power from Clean & Clear to keep my face from looking shinny. I felt really self conscious this morning; however, my friends didn't even notice I wasn't wearing any foundation because like you my pimp
  7. Ha, well, I wouldn't blame Japan for acne if it weren't true (I studied in China 3 years ago for a few months and broke out as well, and it cleared up when I was back in the US). So, good luck pursuing your interest in Japan, and good luck with acne! Haha.

    1. Don't blame Japan for acne! =P

      I really would like to learn the language, though. It'd be neat to live there, too! They have a weekly Shonen Jump magazine, we get it every month. =/

      1. Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I live in Japan and it's totally awesome, except that it gave me acne! Haha, but yeah, Japanese is a messed up language and I had trouble with some stuff in the one year I studied before moving here. But after living here for a year it becomes second nature, so if you want to learn Nihongo you should come to Nihon! Good luck with that and with yo

        1. TwilitWolfy

          The no foundation makeup for women thread

          Wow! You're so brave! =D I've always worn foundation and am frankly afraid to go without it. My friend too a picture of me without any (while my skin was better) and posted it on Facebook. I was so mortified! No one ever said anything about it, so I guess my real friends wouldn't care either way, right? Anyway-- that's great that you've decided to go without it! I may sound hypocritical (and I recognize that) but more people should go natural. Maybe then the world wouldn't be filled with suc
        2. TwilitWolfy

          Friday 6 August 2010

          It's been about 5 days since I started the Regimen. My face has shown a lot of improvement! I haven't had a single new blemish form! All my old scars are now beginning to fade. This is probably the best thing I ever could've done for myself. I've had only a little dryness here and there but nothing that's interfered with my day to day routine. School starts on the 23rd. I should have great improvement by then. All I can say is: Dan Kern is a Genius! =D
        3. TwilitWolfy

          do mirrors lie?

          The angle makes sense as to why I can only take good ones of myself; I know my angles better than others.
        4. Nova Scotia? There's county there that has the same name as the one I live in (in the US)! Sorry, I know that's random-- I found it interesting when I learned that a few days ago. =)

          1. TwilitWolfy

            do mirrors lie?

            I have the opposite problem! When I look in the mirror I think "God, you're ugly!!" then I take a photograph like my profile picture and I look great. However, when other people take them, I look awful. I don't understand that at all.
          2. Wow! You live in Japan? I've always wanted to go there. I even tried learning Japanese, but I had to learn Spanish at the same time for school my Japanese suffered and then became non-existent. Anyway, I think that's rather neat!