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  1. Has anyone seen the informercials for this? It claims to be a healthy way to reduce acne inflammation, among other healthy things. Has anyone tried it? Im curious whynopalea.com
  2. Just a sore. Cysts, nodules hurt worse. Basically a blister that for some reason formed off my lip. Just not having any luck at treating it, and even if I were its hard to tell if Im doing the right thing without seeing any progress. 2 days in and its still leaking, still swollen.
  3. Thought cold sores/fever blisters only occured on the lip? Ive had a handful of cld sores in the past, but they were far different from this. This starts just off the lip and goes halfway down the side of my chin, and looks alot like a pimple in a way. Its still swollen and leaking clear fluid. I havent had anything leak this much clear fluid since I was sun burned, and I havent been out in the sun for awhile so im not burnt for sure. Is the leaking a good or bad sign? thanx for the help
  4. It appeared to either bethe beginning of a fever blister or a pimple on the side of my lip at the vey crack of my mouth. I put the proper medication on it, and after a few days it seemed to go away. However I then started to feel a swelling on the skin right below the lip leading up to where the original blister or whatever was. It felt like the beginning of a large pimple or cys, but instead formed to what looks to be two or three giant blisters about a quarter inside that were leaking clear fl