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  1. Quick Update Randomly:- Have no actives since 2 weeks or maybe more. Sometimes i see tiny winy white heads ard cheek and forehead area. But it goes off automatically within a day. No side effects except super dry lips. Me on my MID MONTH 3 already... Had derm appointment today. No change in dose i.e. 40mg for another 1 month. Will be using Glycolic gel 6% daily for scar treatment ( as presribed by my derm). Not using any topical gel since 2 weeks. and Hey you all... am getting married to m
  2. Amazing Skin... Lovely.. Guess you in mid month 3 and you are glowing already... Gud luck for rest of your course...
  3. Hey Tane... Yup it soo does... 4th day already... thanx...
  4. Hey you all... 4th day on month 3 My 3rd month started off with 2 pimples on my forehead and today they tiny and dry, almost gone... Amazing coz I thought i have to deal with these 2 buggers for half a my magial month... Thank God!!!am not... Apart from that my face is super clear and my marks are soo very light.. Every morning i get up with smile and a kiss to my mirror... Its truely magical.. yay!!!
  5. 2 days to enter my 3rd month. and finally those 2 pimple agreed to move out... Lookin at them couple of days back.. i said to myself.. they are there to stay for long.. but next morning both turned pussy, broke while cleaning my face and dried up... ALL IN ONE DAMN LUCKY DAY... I really appreciate my patience to let them stay for approx 15 days ( no pricking )... I think am on my way to clear skin.. I have 2 more healing scabs on my forehead.. Thats really confusing coz they were wh
  6. Mind blowing transformation... So Amazed.. Thank you so much for your post... its encouraging and really inspiring... Am on my 2nd month of tane n was feeling like giving up.. Not anymore.. Thank a tonne...
  7. 2 mild red spots ( mid forehead n left cheek ) turned into huge pimple and been there for 10 days now. I do not think they want to leave my face any day... GOD!!! Am I EVER gonna have clear skin???
  8. Hey rachelohmg Really Sorry for what you are going through... Just read your post @ http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Lips-mess...ne-t258276.html Your skin look awesome then.. So its like 1 n 1/2 yr you are off accutane right??? ( last log was posted on Jan '10)? Would you share you stats like weight n course that you been through? Just trying to figure out what went wrong... This might help me and others here to scale and judge our courses... Take Super Care of yourself!!!
  9. @HOP... WOW your skin looking gr8.. n dats just in 41 days??? Congrats!!!
  10. Day 50 already!!! 5 days on 40 mg. All acne dried up in A DAY and healing fast.. yay!!! Negatives : - - Face super dry near month area and chin.. - Lips maroon in color n flaky.. - Slight back pain.. but Bearable!!!! Positive : - No Actives..
  11. So my Derm appointment today.. He increased my dose to 40mg.. Phew!!! I was suppose to continue 30mg for 2 more weeks but this wasn't helping my face for sure... Glad that my Derm agrees to it.. Skin wise, 3 actives and texture is all same... Half a month left.. to enter my "magic month ( maybe )" Side Effects : - 1. dead dry lips 2. dryness ard the mouth 3. Itchy Eyes 4. minor back pain Oh yes.. Am on my topical treatment again.. Earlier, i was using "Clindagel 2%" during month 1 of t
  12. Day 44 -> 2nd Day of Week 7 -> Mid Month 2 Had a horrible past 2 weeks... thats week 5 and week 6!!! Got SEVEN pimples in total... lifespan of each is ETERNITY... These red bumps DO NOT have head, DO NOT pain and they definitely DO NOT look good.... This is ridiculous.. was doing sooo good last month and looks like my 1st month is gone for a toss. My derm appointment in 2 days, wish me good luck.. No Related : - Was at MAC counter last weekend to get myself a foundation. Pre
  13. Attaching Day 38 Pic Almost a week now n i do not see 2 of them healing... Just haaaaate those red bumps... x-( Forehead Left Right
  14. So true on Cyst Hope... It definitely takes longer time to heal... I have 1 red/swollen cyst on my left cheek.. Since 4 days now??? seems like forever... Noo improvement at all...
  15. @mercyunbound - Thanks. You look fab n i looooove your hair.. @hop3 - I Knowww... Mangos my fav too.. But am good with peanut butter.. yay!!! @aleks - Kwelllll.. Best of Luck!!!! Howz ur course doing now??? Day 38 OMG!!! Itchy.. Dry Eyes... Its soooooo sore n red.. yeah, i rubbed them bad..