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  1. Pictures showing my face before and during the Regimen.
  2. Cleanser- Purpose Gentle Wash Treatment- Acne.org BP Mositurizer- Olay Sensitive Skin and Olay Complete Gentle with SPF for outside trips So far regimen is going well, still no new blemishes and I am shocked because I have never gone this long with one. People are noticing how well my skin is looking and on facebook the other day I finally posted a pic of myself with no makeup or editing whatsoever. I thinking about purchasing the new Moisturizer from Acne.org since my Olay balls up the BP
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    Just Me
  4. I think that when you said you would rather get raped by five black men rather than have acne scars is when you crossed the line for a lot of people reading this thread. I mean its not only offensive because you picked a specific race with a horrific act but why would anyone rather get raped than have some scars. Being raped is a very serious traumatic event for anyone and I really don't think that comparing that to having scars is a smart thing to say.
  5. I would also like to know a more accurate measurement for how much BP to use, I have small hands and sometimes I feel like my fingers length isn't much at all. And while it might be easy for some to say "oh that's why you should just buy the pump" maybe some people can't really afford to pay that much and the cheaper option is best, I know this is true for me.
  6. I am also holding off on buying a new BP and the AHA because I would like to get the new moisturizer, I hope it is within the next 2 weeks because my BP is running a little low.
  7. This whole summer I have been using a 70 spf sunblock when going to the pool or beach and I have gotten a deep bronze tan. I also reapply the sunblock when Im out the water before I go in. So I think you can still tan but it'll protect you against skin cancer or sunburn.
  8. Thanks so much! I have seen a change most definitely, I cant remember the last time Ive gone for so long without having a new breakout almost every few days. Im up for a new tube of BP so I really want to get the AHA also and I will try it out since Ive been on the regimen for almost two months Im sure my face isnt super sensitive.
    I think the only pro I can think of is that this lotion does not leave my face greasy or feel like I have a veil of lotion on me. With the Acne.org moisturizer it leaves my skin super greasy and I have to blot my skin several times a day. A big con is that after I put on the BP I waited about 20 min and when I applied the lotion the BP started to ball up and flake off which is an experience that I have yet to have with the Acne.org lotion or any other lotion. I will not be using this again after
  9. So a few things have changed in the last 3 weeks, for a bit I had really dry skin after cleansing my face with Dan's Acne.org cleanser so I switched my cleanser to another recommended cleanser which is Purpose Gentle cleansing wash, and I have seen good results and not as bad dry skin. I am still using the BP but I cut back to half a finger length because 1 whole finger length was way too much and it never absorbed. I also switch my moisturizer to Olay complete new gentle formula the original fo
  10. Im sorry but the Social Proof is garbage, intelligent girls do not go for dudes like that.
  11. Not much to report, last week I had so much dryness that everyday I was using the Jojoba oil to try and rub off some flakes. For a few days after I applied the moisturizer I had a burning sensation I don't know if this was from using the jojoba oil to rub off flakes but after I stopped doing that I don't get the burning anymore. I do not see much of a difference in my acne from last week and I think the problem is that I'm not being too generous with the BP. I use one whole finger length since I
  12. So I am currently using the Acne.org starter kit and it has been 3 weeks and 4 days. I found last week that I was having problems with super dry skin, around my mouth area and middle cheek area near my nose and mouth. I solved this issue by using the Jojoba oil that I purchased from Acne.org and before cleansing I would take about 10-12 drops and massage into my skin. I would then cleanse my face and go about the regimen as usual. If I still had dry skin after applying the BP, I would use about
  13. Still doing the regimen twice daily, I upped the dosage of BP yesterday to half a finger length. This morning after washing my face, I had some peeling but after application of BP and the mosturizer the peeling is no more. If I have some peeling throughout the day I will start to incorporate some of the Jojoba oil in my mosturizing. Other than that issue, I still have not had a new breakout and bumps have gone down.
  14. Materialgirl1024

    Does not have a strong scent Does not irritate my skin Does not dry out my skin Lathers up without a problem Affordable when purchased seperate from kit I really like this cleanser, I dont mind the smell, it does remind me of something found in a medical place but that makes me think clean. I follow the regimen so I lather up and have the soap on my face for 10 seconds and rinse off. I pat dry and wait till I have to apply the BP, I have sensitive skin and my skin does not f
  15. After using the Acne.org products for one week, I can say that I have a lot of hope and positivity for these products to help me finally clear up some of my acne. I have been using the starter kit, The cleanser, BP treatment, and mosturizer 2 times a day. I have been following all rules on how to apply each process after carefully watching the video. So far I have not seen or felt a new blemish and that makes me optimistic. I dont want to give my hopes up but that has to be a good sign. For week