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I think the only pro I can think of is that this lotion does not leave my face greasy or feel like I have a veil of lotion on me. With the Acne.org moisturizer it leaves my skin super greasy and I have to blot my skin several times a day. A big con is that after I put on the BP I waited about 20 min and when I applied the lotion the BP started to ball up and flake off which is an experience that I have yet to have with the Acne.org lotion or any other lotion. I will not be using this again after

By Materialgirl1024,

Does not have a strong scent Does not irritate my skin Does not dry out my skin Lathers up without a problem Affordable when purchased seperate from kit I really like this cleanser, I dont mind the smell, it does remind me of something found in a medical place but that makes me think clean. I follow the regimen so I lather up and have the soap on my face for 10 seconds and rinse off. I pat dry and wait till I have to apply the BP, I have sensitive skin and my skin does not f

By Materialgirl1024,