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  1. I've been on .1 retin-a-micro, and 100 mg doxycycline for two weeks (prior on BP and other antibiotics for a year). My face has gotten worse (like the people who make Retin-a Micro warn), however, I notice that my skin is getting smoother, and deep clogged pours are (painfully at times) pushing their way to the surface, so it seems to do what it says thus far. Are you noticing any changes in your skin otherwise? My dermatologist usually has me try treatments for a month, and come back if there
  2. This depends on the dermatologist your seeing. I'd ask them next time what your remaining treatment options are. This helps build grounds for giving input on what you desire for treatment without giving them orders. You should also get a broader understanding of treatment too. Whether or not they mention Accutane, bring it up and discuss this as a treatment option. And answering 3 and 4... Go straight to the website http://www.rocheusa.com/products/accutane/ for the drug company list of commo
  3. Actaully it is called tetracycline. Anyway, sounds like a good start for treatment, good luck :-/
  4. All I got from it and still do from time to time is an upset stomach. Has decreased my breakout cycles and size of ance. I have been clear on my face for short periods of time however before all the red marks fade I usually get another breakout (so technically I have never had a clear complexion from it) . My opinion- it does alright for treating ance, just don't expect a miracle and I hope you don't mind a little stomach upsets at first, they usually go away after awhile of taking them from wha
  5. That product is only available as a prescription in the U.S., at which store or website do you get it over the counter? Jerry
  6. Request that you see your regular doctor. Without insurance this will cost money. They are not a skin specialist, but they can prescribe certain treatments that may help as you wait for your derm appointment. Another thing, your looking at about $100-$150 for a derm visit depending on the clinic. Drugs cost a lot without insurance as well. You didn't post your age, but if your a teen or early twenties you have options for insurance. I'd check with your parents first, sometimes there employer co
  7. My guess is money... My dermotologist said water based gels have been more effective in her experience with patients because it irritates less. Makes no sense to me, the harsher med available over the counter? I suppose the money is in the numerous treatments acne suffers go through that are ineffective or provide a small degree of success. Beats allowing better accessiblity to treatments that might work very well, looking it thru a profit perspective.. Just a theory, if anyone knows why they d
  8. I tried both and I liked the Purposeb bar better. Cataphil has a bar that claims to moisturize, so maybe you should try that. I got weird white residue after washing with Cataphil and stayed with Purpose however. Both don't seem to irritate very much, especially compared to Dove. Jerry
  9. I post this in OC cause my insurance won't cover the prescription stuff. The pharmacist said that they have some OC water based stuff but its hard to find. So has anyone ever heard of any brand names? A website? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Jerry
  10. That really blows that acne is taking such a toll on your life. Most of us on here can definitely relate to the hardships it brings. I hope Accutane works well for you, but if not, I'd try and do something about your depressed mood, it can negatively affect your immune system, which doesn't help your acne. Be careful while on the treatment, and don't give up hope. Jerry
  11. What type of acne do you have? Mine is moderate and I noticed a lot of improvment since the 2 month mark (ie less breakouts and when I do breakout they are tiny little white heads or bumps). Are you getting any improvement or none at all? I'd say it probably doesn't work for you if your not getting any improvement by now. You should probably see your doctor and try something else. Jerry
  12. Your best bet would be to ask your acne on that one, honestly, not even a doctor can tell you whats gonna be a bang or bust with ance treatment. Best advice, give it two months like you mentioned, thats the only way to do this treatment thing- patience and good facial hygiene. Jerry
  13. Benzaclin and Benzamycin are topical antibiotic with benzoyl peroxide in them. I'm on the same thing without the BP, and what I was told is that after time topical antibiotics will lose effectiveness because your acne (and skin) find a way to void its properties. My guess is I think Benzamycin might work for awhile, being that it is a different type of antiobiotic then Benzaclin. I think it would be best to verify this with a doctor or pharmacist though. Jerry
  14. I got the quickest results on my back, shoulders and chest while on tetracycline. Moist air does help too, I have a humidifier in my bedroom during the dry winter months. Cold, dry air is brutal no matter what kinda skin you got, I went skiing a couple of weeks ago and the red wind burn cheeks were replaced with little whiteheads Good luck on your cycle of antibiotics, Jerry
  15. It stopped doing the whitehead thing for me after 3 weeks... Since then I get tiny whiteheads every now and then. I'd say give it a month- if you have no improvement, maybe this isn't for you; however if your getting some improvment give it another month. As for taking it, do you follow the directions? Your supposed to take it every 12 hours on an empty stomach (1 hour before meals, 2-3 hours after). I make it habbit to take it at 11 always and adjusting eatting habbits accordingly. Also, try t