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  1. SJMa

    - clear up skin - makes it look healthy - quickens the cycle of a bad pimple - gets rid of cysts - works for a long time - takes a few weeks to see results - redness in face - dry, flake skin I've had sever acne for years now and have tried everything. I finally went to an anti-aging center where the doctor put me on a mix of Retin-A and an antibacterial topical. Retin-A speeds up cell division and brings everything to the surface. I was warne
  2. I have literally tried everything for my acne and it's still terrible. I want to try something from the inside and I refuse to use strong medication, after a bad experience with Accutane. I've done some research and I want to use fish oil, Vitamins E, D and C, and ACV tablets. Does anyone have any advice on this regiment? Anyone have a more effective one? I'm also using a charcoal cleanser with a Retin-A/Clindamicin topical.
  3. SJMa


    The link can be found under my profile in my guest book. Sorry about the confusion.
  4. SJMa


    I've sent up a day to day guide through PDT. I haven't found any to reference for my personal research so I decided to set one up.