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  1. Has anyone tried laser to treat their rosacea? if so can u tell me what kind of laser it was and ur experience? Thanx
  2. I went to Dr. Frank for silicone microdroplet treatment. $750 which included the $250 consultation fee. I only talked to him for 2 minutes and he did about 5 scars. I asked him to get more scars but he said he couldn't. In my opinion, the treatment is not worth the price. I barely saw a difference in my scars. Right now I'm getting subcision done in NYC and I've only had 2 treatments(doctor hits 14-16 scars each time) and it's going amazingly well. The price is amazing as well. Subcision is chea
  3. Hi, i live in nyc, and have been pondering on getting fraxel repair and who to do it with. Does anyone have experiences with any of the two doctors and can you share your experiences?
  4. is 2x the normal amount of treatment and is there like only one setting for the deep fx? much thanx in advance.
  5. I'm thinking about getting one of them done. Can i get some suggestions from those who had done them?
  6. I was recently informed by my dermatologist that they just got this laser and that it just got FDA approved this february. He said it is the most advanced laser to date and that you only needed one treatment for it to work. Has anyone tried this? or know anymore about it? Here's the link from the official website: Link
  7. For those who went to American laser, can you give me the contact information for the place. I went to one of the locations this week and they gave me a price of $4000 for 5 treatments. Thought that was a bit pricey. Much thanx in advance.
  8. man, i'm really sorry for all that's happened. I understand your situation better than you know. I fucked up my skin after getting laser and haven't been the same. I dropped out of college and have been completely withdrawn these last few years. I can relate on having these horrible suicidal thoughts that follow you everyday. I've also been in and out of the psych ward this past year. All these anti-depressants don't do shit aside from helping me sleep, i have really bad insomnia. As f
  9. You're right, i wouldn't recommend laser. I went from having one minor wrinkle on my forehead to, 2.5 yrs later, having it everywhere. I began noticing wrinkles after my second treatment, but didn't think much of it, i guess it wasn't till later that i put 2 and 2 together. My face is not as tight as it used to be, it sags a little now. It also hurts now when i press against my face. Other than the wrinkles, the most irritating thing has to be the fact that my face burns now when i shower w
  10. what they gonna come up with next? That "Scars are the cause of suicidal thoughts" too? F-ing breakthrough.
  11. i know how you feel man, i dropped out of college after laser resurfacing destroyed my skin. Things were actually going good for me too, finally had friends to hang out with and grades were top notch. But it seems like acne is your only problem, hopefully with time you can learn to get pass this. As for me, i have to deal with scars, premature aging, thin skin, and seborrheic dermatitis. i wish you the best of luck in your battle.
  12. i do moisturize and have used jojoba oil on my skin before. It's just that ever since i was bestowed the cruel fate of having seborrheic dermatitis, my skin has just been extremely dry and dehydrated no matter what i use.
  13. I just turned 23, but after laser resurfacing, and some steroid topical use, my face has aged so rapidly with wrinkles all over my forehead, in addition to the wrinkled and indented laugh lines. I look like i'm 40. I have lost all my desire to dress up and wear new trendy cloth. It's not enough to feel ugly from my acne scars, but i got to feel old too. Just when you think things can't get much worse.
  14. Has anyone else come across this problem? I think it's either due to my laser resurfacing or after using some stuff for my seborrheic dermatitis. Much obliged for your feedback.