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  1. Hello brother if you are seeing this message please reply you can also email me on [email protected] or you can also WhatsApp me on +919792485300 or you can facebook me on www.facebook.com/altafraja21 please reply me urgent now 

  2. Yah some lighting sucks when you have scars, but having said that have you guys ever looked at scarless people in the same lighting, if you really look they look pretty bad too. Some of my friends will look like they don't even have a pimple or blemish and i envy them, until i see them under that lighting, its like wow your not so different after all. We are all too harsh on ourselves. When I look in my bathroom mirror i get upset, all i see is zits and redmarks, scars, but then when I back away
  3. Cyst: really inflamed, leaves a redmark that takes ages to go away, usually causes rolling or boxcar scars Pimple (pustule, papule): in the long-term at most will cause an icepick scar
  4. It should go away. Its possible that you could have created a scarred/enlarged pore, but even if it is scarred or enlarged they do still shrink a bit. Its no different than popping a zit. There is always a hole after you pop it that fills in with time, its really no different. Its unlikely that popping a blackhead will scar you permanently, however the pore may be permanently enlarged because of it (something nobody will notice unless they are literally staring at that particular pore while maki
  5. I feel like it is somewhat unlikely that would scar from shaving over PIH. I actually find the opposite to be true almost, the are where my beard grows always looks very smooth and scarless for the most part, its my mid/upper cheeks and forehead that seem to scar, and I don't shave there lol.
  6. To be honest they might close slightly, but alot of my pores that had blackheads have now become enlarged, and they seem pretty permanent. I feel like alot of them look like icepick scars, but they are not because they are perfectly circular and very shallow. I guess you really have to be up close to see them, but I am always examining my face closely, so I see them all the time lol.
  7. To start, I'm a 20 year old guy who feels like my life has been completely destroyed by acne, and the subsequent scarring. I had it all growing up, came from a wealthy family, ultra athletic (played ice hockey, lacrosse, baseball and basketball at the highest possible level for each of my age groups growing up), tall, had movie star looks, did well in school, confident, happy, popular and also did very well with the ladies. That was my high school experience in a nutshell. I never had to put
  8. Its pretty close to 95%. Here is a link to one of the studies: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/582896_4 The reason we do not notice it on other people is because we aren't looking close or hard enough to see it. We know our skin and where all of our scars are, whereas nobody else has a clue, therefore they do not notice mild scarring. Another important fact is that most people couldn't care less. About 6 months ago before I had any scarring from acne I honestly would not notice any form of
  9. shallow scars in my opinion are scars that are relatively hard to see from a distance. For instance if from a small distance they become invisible or greatly diminished, in my eyes they are shallow. Do a reflection test in a car window for instance, if you have trouble seeing very much scarring, but you know when you look in a mirror that you can see it, chances are you have shallow scarring because the way the light reflects off of the scar is not much different than your skin that isn't scarre
  10. Realistically if you look close enough which most of us don't do, because we don't literally walk up to someone from an inch away and stare in there face lol, but if I'm literally on a mission to see people in the same boat I can see mild scars on 95% of the population, moderate I see about 10-20 times a day, severe probably 2-5 times a day. I live in a relatively big city (800,000 people). I'm sure more people have acne scars then you would think. A while back I was curious at the prevalence of
  11. I think its more the fact that as people with acne scars we are more paranoid and what not of how we look in different lighting. To be honest up until a couple of months ago when I developed some bad scars of my own I had never noticed scars on anyone else. It was just not something I picked up on or noticed, or even cared about, but now after having scars of my own and being hypersensitive about them I can see acne scars on a ton of people, I'm sure because I am looking for it on other people
  12. In your experience how long does it take for acne scars to show up after the acne lesion has healed. I am noticing now that I have a shallow scar where I had a cyst that healed about 5 weeks ago. Did it just miraculously pop up or is it just the fact that I am only noticing it now with the fading of some of the pigmentation? Is it possible that it gets deeper? Any input would be helpful Thank you
  13. That is fantastic to hear my friend. I honestly wish I could just move on with my life (I feel as though I am close to that point) I just always seem to have a setback when everything is getting good. There is nothing wrong with getting treatments for your scars aslong as it does not consume your life, and that is exactly what I am striving for, for acne and scarring to play a secondary role in my life as opposed to the primary and debilitating role it plays now...
  14. Some of these celebrity posts are getting taken way out of context. The reason people post them is not because they are happy that their scars aren't as bad, it is just showing that with the right attitude you can do anything in life, no matter if you have scars or not. Sure some of us have more severe scarring than others, but it shouldn't debilitate you. Don't get me wrong I am guilty too of avoiding others and staying at home some days because I am so depressed, but knowing that somebody out
  15. Exactly. I honestly couldn't of said it better myself. I am guilty of it aswell, but honestly thats all people are trying to show when they show pictures of celebrities with scarring, is that they do not fret over them.