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  1. Hi! It sounds like you are not giving your BP enough time to fully soak into your skin---try waiting a bit longer before applying your moisturizer. Also, if your skin is used to BP (you make it sound like you're familiar with it)-- and is not flaking or dry at all, you may not need a moisturizer like OLAY--- I would try something a little more light. I definitely recommend using a moisturizer regularly--- but for someone with oily skin like yourself you might benefit just as much by using
  2. Hi everyone Less than a week ago, I received a cortisone shot (my first time) for a painful inflamed spot on my chin. I've noticed that the area has indeed sunken in a bit, to the point that I can feel it if I put the tip of my pinky inside. It's not HORRIBLE (I actually prefer it to the cyst), but it does bother me quite a lot. It's not terribly discolored, but you can notice a shadow. I'll be really depressed if it gets any deeper. It's more wide than deep right now. Has this happened to a
  3. mine has gone down, but there's still a slight lump --- it might just be from all of the dead skin accumulation around it though I woke up the morning after the day I got mine and the pain was gone but the bump still there.... then the next morning the bump had decreased a bit more. It's looking better, it's certainly not normal skin, but definitely better. I'd say give it another night or so--- don't put any topicals on the bump either, only maybe a little ice.
  4. Hi All! I'm new here. I got fed up with a couple large red, imflamed bumps I had on my chin today--- so I went to the derm. They weren't actual deep cysts, but she injected them with cortisone anyway just because they were so swollen. That was about 3 hours ago, and I cant really tell a difference yet. When will I be able to? One of them still hurts a bit to the touch. Is it a sure thing that they will go down? They weren't HUGE to begin with, but really really bothersome. Thanks! Kate