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  1. mate, i just started box number 5 (so i think im in about month 3 as well) and i think ive got one coming too. So far its completely cleared around my lips, the sides of my nose, and my forehead, but im STILL getting occasional flare ups on my cheeks. And the little whiteheads... dont get me started on those fuckers. Do as i do, and just wait till your on box 7-8 (close to the end of a course) good luck
  2. Hi, I am on 3x 20mg of Roaccutane daily and im about 5-6 weeks in. The initial breakout came and went (i think) and im now pretty happy with how everything is progressing. The dryness is evident, particularly on the lips and around my mouth and it was quite bad to begin with. Now im noticing an improvement on the dryness, my lips still get dry but nowhere near as bad, and my face still drys up around my mouth, again not as bad as it did. Is this normal?? or is my body building some kind of res
  3. Not a single view or reply. Rot in hell assholes
  4. good 2 hear bek, nice and quick too afaik 3 months is the bare minimum for results
  5. Hi I am now just over my 5 month period of using Trentinoin gel. I suffered an initial breakout twice and since then I have been steadily improving but i am by NO means clear and i am unsure if its the Azelaic acid that is clearing me up. (improvement began after i started using Finecea) Please post if you have had success or failure with your topical, what the topical is/was, at what point it worked or you quit and deemed it a failure. some responses this time please, my last thread was ign
  6. I feel your pain! I started on July 5th with Isotrex gel, I'm now 25 and so fed up with acne. I'm still getting small popups (nothing like the initial breakout in week 2). I will be continuing till the end of the year. P.s. Last Thursday I got a tube of Finecea and holy crap I think it's working for me, when you see your derm get him/her to prescribe you Azelaic Acid, it's worth a shot and it will work fairly quickly.
  7. You reckon it's bad now, wait till your second week and the initial breakout lands..... >.<
  8. Make sure your skin is completely dry, at LEAST 20minutes after a shower.
  9. So. After battling mod-sev acne for the last 8 years I decided to give this a crack as nothing else was working. I've had 5 months Doxy with no effect I'm in my 3rd month of Isotrex gel which isn't seem to be having an effect In my younger years I used BP which decreased severity but that's all, (BP has NO effect one now) I ordered a tube of Finecea and it arrived last Thursday, and fuck me I think this shits working! I havnt even had it for a week and I'm VERY confident, being in Australia m
  10. im on the 3 month point with my retinoid and it looks like world war 3 on my face atm. sorry to say but you wont know if its working for a while, i had a period where i thought i was getting better.. now im shit again.
  11. Ok, im now on the 3month mark of using this crap on my face and its not showing any signs of improvement. I will continue this treatment for another 2 months but i am severly let down so far. Anyone else had late success with this shit? p.s. im 25 with mod-sev facial acne
  12. Exactly ! we are so fortunate to be acne ridden instead of cancer or worse.
  13. Hi all. Ive been suffering acne for years now just as most of the forum dwellers here. With years of acne comes years of dissapointment and id like to share one of my biggest with you all in the hope that you could share something similar to make me feel less shit =( As i said, ive had acne for yeats, its been through phases of being mild, to moderate, to bloody awful! At the moment im pretty bad compared to how i have been, im recovering from the IB period caused by Isotrex (week 7 so far).
  14. wow.... no fruit? ill never survive this diet. /pass
  15. im up to week 7 next tuesday and im FARRRR from cured, in fact i may still be suffering the after affects of an IB (which occured around week 2 and lasted at least 9 days. Im also taking doxycycline once a day to assist the clean up, i will continue to use the Trentinoin gel for at least 3-4 months before i pass judgment on it.. You guys should do the same.