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  1. Emma1220

    Roaccutane Uk Nhs Questions

    Thank you! Just got back from my appointment, the derm was hesitant at first but then agreed that I should be on it, hooray! I am being started on 25mg for the first month and then will be moved up to 50mg after that. I now have to trot off and get the blood tests while I wait to get another appointment at the hospital to get the prescription, hopefully it won't take too long.
  2. Emma1220

    Roaccutane Uk Nhs Questions

    Thank you! I actually got a call from my hospital the other day saying my appointment had been moved up from June to tomorrow morning, result!!!! So happy I can see a derm much sooner! Of course now my skin has decided to be super clear and then will probably break out the day after my appointment.. typical. Hopefully the doctor will still put me on it
  3. Hello! So I am a 20 yr old female that has had acne for 7-8 years, its is fairly bad and is cystic. I FINALLY managed to get a referral to a dermatologist from my GP and booked an appointment for the 18th of June.. I am pretty upset that I have to wait that long as I really just want to clear my skin up already! So my question is how long does it take to get roaccutane once you see the derm? Do you get the prescription that day or do you have to have another appointment? Many thanks!!
  4. Well, I haven't had any side effects from the birth control yet. It didn't break me out. My skin is still definitely not clear though, sometimes it will seem like its clearing and BAM a few more zits. It is just sooo depressing! Okay I have nothing more to write.
  5. Emma1220

    Week 4

    I am on day 4 of the BC, no bad side effects as of yet! My skin is slowly clearing I think. My forehead is mostly clear now and my chin is still a mess but it seems to be healing. I also recently just decided to stop picking at them, I will only pop them if it is really necessary (think whitehead hanging out). I just started that yesterday so we will see how it goes!
  6. I haven't posted recently as I went on vacation for a while, now personally travel never fails to make my skin worse so I had to deal with that. I went to my OB/GYN yesterday and I was prescribed LoEstrin 24 Fe (birth control) for other problems and she said it might help my skin also. Now after doing research I am skeptical to start it as it contains androgens which actually cause acne so I am really worried that my skin will get worse (and I start school again soon ) I am going to give it a s
  7. Emma1220

    Day 7

    Okay so I have been on this regimen for a week or so now, its going okay. My acne hasn't changed much but I think it is cleansing my skin because it seems to be bringing everything to the surface. Eeeek. But I must say it has made my skin a lot healthier, it isn't as dry and crusty as it used to be and it is really healing. I am hoping over the next few weeks I will see more of a change, especially when I get on the birth control. I confess, I am a picker/popper. I just cannot walk around with a
  8. Emma1220

    Day 3

    So its day 3 today and my skin has not gotten worse from this routine but it has only started to improve a bit. My skin looks a lot healthier and I think it is the increased cell turnover rate that is caused by the Ziana. The CeraVe moisturizer has made my skin so soft and it is really helping to heal the marks and pimples I have. This routine has not irritated my skin or dried it out and I would recommend it to sensitive skinned people! I am not yet on birth control as the only appointment I co
  9. Emma1220


    Hi everyone my name is Emma, I decided to start a blog to track my progress with getting rid of my acne. I am 16 and I have had it since I was 11, it really gets me down so I finally took a trip to the dermatologist today. My acne is inflammatory and slightly cystic, it is moderate and I mainly get it around my chin/mouth and sometimes on my forehead. My skin is super sensitive and everything irritates it! I have tried absolutely every OTC product! I was prescribed Pacnex MX 4.25 % benzoyl perox