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  1. its maybe because i use 2 pea sizes instead of one.. haha i guess i should just follow the procedure. i thought my skin could handle it i guess not though. thanks!
  2. So i just recently started tazorac 0.5%gel and Solodyn 65mg, and ive been on them for baout 3 weeks now. my acne is getting better but my skin is soo REDDD and OILY!! i use dans cleanser in the morning, followed by bp, and then aveeno ultra calming spf 15 moisturizer. and then at night i use dans cleanser, tazorac, and aveeno ultra calming spf 15. can anyone please tell me how i can help control my redness and oily skin along with my acne?? Thank you!
  3. hey! soo i havent seen anyone comment on this post for a while so guess i will. ive been on tazorac for 3 weeks now and i have seen a definite improvement. i get no more zits, i only get the occasional cluster of pimples on my cheeks. my red marks have also faded significantly. the only problem is that it makes me face sooo RED!!! like wow. im currently using aveen ultra calming spf 15 moisturizer and i think it might break me out? idk. anybody know any good moisturizers that wont make your face
  4. Soo heres the story.. Ive had pretty bad acne ever since i was 14, im now 16. Most of its clearing up thanks to prescription acne medication but now im left with these 5 large cysts on my chest ( i dont know what to call them so ill call them cysts ). Theyve never come to a head, never changed size, never changed color, and have been on my chest for 2 years now. It really sucks because i cant swim or take off my shirt, im like a freak. I recently went to the dermatologist and she injected them w
  5. Basic Info: Soo im a guy, 16, and i started Dans regimen about 2 years ago. Sadly it didnt clear up my acne, but did help it a lot. (I only have acne on my cheeks by the way and a little bit on my back ) One week it would look as if i had no acne and the next i would look horrible with new zits all over my cheeks. so finally after about 2 years i finally decided to take a trip to the dermatoligist. She prescribed me 0.5% tazorac gel and 65mg of Solodyn. She asked me what acne product i was curr