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    Being happy, health, and expanding and manipulating my mind to have it be what I want. I want everyone else to be warmed by the sun light that reveals the world of corruption we live in! We will heal and be lovely again!

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  1. Thanks Vista! It's been 10 days and my skin has calmed down...mackeral is yummy and cheaper! I think it has way more benefits than tuna anyways! It's yummier than sardines! Thank goodness! My skin is still omega 6-ed out though...I started popping a fish oil supplement, and I already take Fermented Cod Liver Oil, omega 3 eggs, only coconut oil, but trying to eat more fish! Just got some chicken livers I can't wait to cook up!
  2. Alright guys! It's been a while. Trying not to make my skin my life...but it is a symbol of my health I believe and still like to spend a good bit of time figuring it out. Anyways, I went on vacation to Bermuda and my skin was great! I was eating totally super healthy food there. Everything is grass-fed, tons of fish, was able to still do my no diary, gluten, or grains, pretty much paleo diet there. I was getting tons of Vitamin D from the sun, I used sunscreen non-comedogenic. HOWEVER! It'
  3. I always try and do a spot test on my neck or forehead when I get a new product...like a cleanser or face cream, but it seems that "testing" doesn't work because some pores get clogged while others don't. For example, I'll test my jaw line...cause if I get a zit there, I can easily hide it, it will pass my 3 day test of just applying the new product in that one region...then I will use it all over my face...then WAM I have random zits on my temples and cheeks, not every pore, but some that were
  4. Yes, and tamuna, and jojoba oil And? I've tried the so called "best oils" and those all caused little whiteheads
  5. I'm just become paranoid about products. I've searched high and low, for good products, but there is always something wrong with them. I don't trust cetaphil cause it breaks people out. And I thought CeraVe was good, but I suspect it causes breakouts. I'm 95% clear (knock on wood), and I don't want to compromise my skin by a dumb topical. I've switched out all my hair products to just natural non acne forming products…I actually only use two products now. I use a probiotic shower gel, I use
  6. I'M GOING TO BREAK THIS OBSESSIVE CYCLE! I WILL! I AM! TODAY! I just don't think about the effect enough. we always think about the how we want it fixed now! that's the problem. It's like picking a pimple. You do it, know you shouldn't but it feels good at the moment. Then after it's just swollen, it has to heal, you have to heal and you're mad at yourself. That's how I am with wasting time on my acne and research. I mean, I don't regret the things I've learned, but the obsessive manner yes! My
  7. Hey guys, soooo I'm someone who likes to think. I like to know how things function and why they are happening and want to fix them, but I don't prioritize what I think about and know I should. I'm in college, I got a 4.0 my freshman year, i'm a sophomore now, and I spend SO MUCH TIME researching acne or anything and everything related to it! I dunno where the time goes. I had a few days off for Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure I spent 2 and a half full days researching how products clog
  8. I'm absolutely paranoid! I've just started to eat normally, ordered grass fed beef boycotting anything bad…and now i'm paranoid about even my natural hair products or CeraVe lotion! I was going to put my lotion in my hair! But I heard that it even clogs pores!
  9. I mean, should I mix my castor oil with water? Maybe the less concentrated the less it will clog pores. Sigh!
  10. I just don't get it! The only thing I do get is that people with tiny pores, are kind invisible cause nothing can get in them, but I don't get it. Are molecules to big to clog pores, and then jus the right size to clog pores? I mean people say vaseline doesn't clog pores..or castor oil... I mean if you have excessive skin cell production then oil could trap skin cells…and people with normal skin growth won't have excessive skin cell build up I guess How long does a product have to
  11. I'm really confused. It seems like everyone is like yes! This is a breakthough...but isn't LA just omega 6 and dont we already get a ton of that? How could acne sufferers have an LA deficiency then? I thought we needed omega 3? So confused... Someone help me! I want to understand and cure my acne! I don't get it! LA omega 3? I thought we needed more omega 3!? I just don't understand how if LA is from Omega 6, how acne sufferers have a deficiency of it? Is it just LA strictly or GLA and ALA
  12. will conditioner clog pores if washed thoroughly?? I just got this conditioner, cause Ive been avoiding commercial conditioner for a month now...but it's hard to comb my afro hair without it I just got a gud, burt's bee's conditoner but it has Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Ceteareth 20, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower (organic), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract (organic), Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Leaf Extract (organi
  13. no i do, just not as much everything i use is helping treat and prevent (both acne and scarring) i honestly just think consistency has cleared me up and a lot of water and believe it or not flossing and using mouthwash at night! has cleared up my cheeks a lot cause i would rarely do either, now i make sure to every night and my skin on my jaw and cheeks has really smoothed out Oh my gosh! I totes believe you, cause I have two really old fillings that need to be replaced and was getting a we