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  1. I too have been stung with £11.30 customs fee. Which has also delayed the package. Afraid this will be the last time I order from DAN. Sorry but the cost of shipping, product and customs fee is putting it right up there with the most expensive cosmetics.
  2. One thing I've always noticed is wow nice girl 1. oh her skin is bad 2. if she is shy and run down I think, shame the acne must be getting to her 3. if she is outspoken funny and not too bothered- laid back mostly I think wow she's cute and I want to spend more time with her ( totally forget about the acne) Untill the next time and it starts again so yea, first impressions are always the exterior appearance but you have like 5 minutes to redeem yourself hope it makes sense
  3. Omg guys sorry havent been here, was supposed to get a mail notification on replies! yay im happy I'm not alone - Just now sitting here with a huge cyst and thinking to myself its not soo bad- but who am i kidding! I would not DARE look into a mirror with natural lighting no way - just to think what other people see omg omg omg Anycase - also kids they sometimes say the worst things - I know they are naive but it really does hurt Anyway so I havent got any mirrors in my room so thats co
  4. I have this really wierd problem with mirrors - only because of my skin, but anyhow, I CANT STAND MIRRORS I avoid looking into them whenever I possible can and only do it if I HAVE to! Ill walk in the supermarket or a clothes store and see them on the pillar and just walk past and turn my head the other way... When I do my hair in the morning I'll first not look and then dileberately not look at my skin but just at my hair... Anyone else feel like this? - Sometimes when I'm really clear
  5. Nicky I would also like to see it here, but Maybe we can start a ebay store? If we can reduce shipping from the USA and sell it here on Ebay we could really all save Loads! PM me if your interested I will help as much as I can..
  6. Ok, I was sold on Proactive's BP would give my left nut for it! But just got dans gel today just put it on now, feels and smells great much better to put on then proactives. I have no burning sensation (Remember Ive been using proactive for nearly 2 years) and practive i need to be really sparesome This i Can use loads! So ive just got it on going to bed now, (I did cleanse with proactive) and will report in the morning on the status of existing spots and what it feels like in the morning..
  7. Hi All just stumbled upon this thread and Im really going to try this!! No harm can be done!! Although I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning with milk and sugar is this a nono? Thanks
  8. Hey all this is my first post go easy! I bought some vitamins that I think I might need can you guys recommend how I should take them and when I should take them. 1. Vitamin C - EsterC 2. Pantothenic Acid 550 mg - Solgar 3. Evening Primrose gammaoil 1000mg - Quest 4. Calcium Pantothenate - Rosemarys brand 575mg with b5 500mg 5. Zinc gluconate - Solagar 50 mg Currently Im takeing one of each 2 times a day with meals. Just wondering if this is ok , its only been 2 days and looking ok.. Btw