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  1. Very interesting reads, thank you for sharing!
  2. It was whole milk. I'm just going to steer clear. I managed with no trouble for all these months and only added it back to be certain. Hmpf, I wish I hadn't!
  3. Especially because all my older marks were fading away nicely.. Ah. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get these pimples to go away with minimum damage, please post! I'm applying a 1% clindamycin/4% nicotinamide gel on all three currently. It's been a few days and they only seem tok get bigger!
  4. Hi everyone. I'd been completely clear for about 5 months from eliminating milk and refined sugar, and maintaining a healthy diet. I was certain about sugar breaking me out, but decided to go milk free just for safe measure. Butter and cheese don't affect my skin, and I have been struggling with weight gain, so I decided to give milk a go. Bad idea. Three days of a daily cup of milk, and I've got three very red, very painful pimples. Quite bummed about the dark spots these are going to lea
  5. Lol, what's up with all the jojoba oil suggestions? Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel doesn't break me out.
  6. Finally got clear from my diet, stayed that way for months before reintroducing milk. 3 days in, and this pops up on my cheek. It's quite painful. I've been good about not touching it, but it's turning dark red either way. Why is that? How can I minimise the scarring? I'm fine with the occasional pimple now, it's the dark mark each one of them leaves behind that bothers me. Thanks! And the one near my eyebrow.. It's sort of a hard lump. Is that a cyst? Milk really does not agree with m
  7. Milk breaks me out, but butter and cheese don't. I use ON Gold Standard Whey Protein Isolate with water, and it doesn't break me out. I got the chocolate flavour because it's only a gram of sugar per serving.
  8. 26 degrees sounds lovely! It's summer here in Bombay, went up to 37 degrees just last week. 75% humidity. Gosh. I've been excessively greasy, hopefully the sage will take care of that as well. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone. On day 2 of juicing! Been off sugar for a couple of weeks now. I've had great success in the past from juicing and cutting sugar. I tend to start slacking when I get clear though. I'm making this a part of my lifestyle now. Wingedserpent, you are the best, thank you and I luff you.
  10. I live in Mumbai, and it's the opposite here. They sell yams as sweet potatoes!
  11. Not eating refined sugar should not make your blood sugar drop. What are you eating? Did you skip a meal? How about some resistant starch sources like sweet potatoes to keep your blood sugar more stable? Hi, thank you for writing. I've been quite inconsistent with my diet off late, and tend to leave long gaps between meals when work gets busy. I did eat every couple of hours on that particular day though. Oats, brown rice, eggs, brown bread, veggies, bananas. I had a glass of vegetable jui
  12. Okay, so I'm about 10 days down. All clear! Although my blood sugar was low a few days ago, and they gave me a shot of dextrose. I was worried that would break me out, but it was needed. I think because it stabilised my levels, it didn't really cause a breakout.
  13. I think you should try using it as a pre-wash 10 minute mask, before putting it on overnight! Just my two cents. I've been doing this in the mornings, and my usually extremely oily skin is hardly oily at all, even at the end of the day! And it's summer here in Bombay, so that's something.
  14. I love almonds, but they definitely trouble my stomach, especially if they haven't been soaked. Your diet sounds nice. Do you eat brown rice?