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  1. Yea exactly Werkzeug, I brake out alot on the same dam spots and thus causing more redness over and over. Thanks for your input, really appreciated.
  2. And i was really hoping to go on accutane considering how bad I am being consistent with topical creams or w/e bullshit their is. Sorry (: I tried every dam cream their is.
  3. No isn't always like that ...its the camera quality, kinda bad, but anyway I really get big zits here and there, I brake out 3-4 pimples each day with white heads + my skin being really really oily. My nose is much worse then my both sides of my cheek.
  4. Hey (: I have alot of redmarks/bumps/oily skin and prone skin do you guys think am good for accutane? post_a28738_Capture.PNG.html post_a28738_Capture.PNG.html
  5. Hey everybody i just needed help on what i should use to treat my post acne, any tropical creams? ect.. My skin feels smooth but yet these post acne marks and reddish purplish scars are really visible to see, and also my skin is really sensitive. Any help? Thanks!!
  6. Are ZENMED Scar And Hyper pigmentation Treatment product any good for post acne? left behind after pimples... I have a lot of Purplish/Red/Scar's on my cheek and nose ...but my skin feels really smooth when i touch them but its really visible to see, so just needing opinions of this product is any good and would help. thanks And btw is Dan's regime any good for post acne to?
  7. thanks guys, but am pretty sure ill have the same side effects when using salicylic acid as well but the AHA? should i use it the same way as Dan uses BP in his videos? Small amounts starting off the increasing it?
  8. I knew I was allergic to BP but i tried Dan's which obviously had the same side effect's, which was really red/dry/crusty .. But besides the other 2 products in the regimen are working great, anyway what product should I use now to replace the BP??? Anything that can fit in between and take away the BP?? thanks Hope to hear some replies, I need this please
  9. Hey, am new here (: lol been lurking here and their but I came to a conclusion on signing up and since "NOW" I have money I can get the products that i wanted and that i want to try out. ANYWAY.. well i wanted to know from your experiences or opinions which product is better.. Exposed Or Zenmed. Ill describe my skin is Allergic to benzoyl peroxide - makes my skin really Red/Flaky irritated and then left with full dryness. A lot of blackheads on my nose, redness on cheeks and nose/Red bumps. Real