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  1. I've got lovely skin again thanks, and had an intolerance test performed two years ago, and no piece of fruit ever passes my lips.
  2. I don't know what to think about Candida. What I do know however, is that it is probably good to live as though it exists. This time last year, I couldn't walk through fragrance departments, the smell of perfume would just hit me, I mean knock me sideways. My nostrils would literally burn and eyes would start watering, if I had to walk through these departments it was quickly and holding my breath. These days, after taking anti-yeast pills, and the paleo diet, I can walk around smelling
  3. Go to Boots, in the spot and acne prone skin section, look for a Garnier Pure Active 2 In 1 Tinted Spot Roll, does the business for the odd spot.
  4. ah, I should have read the revised FAQ on http://thepaleodiet.com/faq#salt think I'll avoid the Sauerkraut and go back to probiotic pills.
  5. Cordain was the original pioneer if you like, or at least, he was the first to produce a Paleo guide to acne anyway. I believe the chocolate eaters go for a high cocoa based dark chocolate because they feel it's mostly plant, 85% or more cocoa is the best, and apparently the higher the cocoa the lower the sugar. If I could find a 100% cocoa chocolate I may be tempted myself, but since the ones on the shelves are full of stevia, or xylitol and other stuff I don't touch, I leave well alone.
  6. It depends which version of the Paleo diet we are talking about. I follow Cordain's, where Chocolate and cocoa is not allowed. It's Mark Sisson and his 'Primal' diet that has diluted Paleo to some extent. He has this 80/20 rule which I'm not really in favour of personally.
  7. Doesn't say on the bottle. Just says no preservatives, cabbage and salt only. this is the stuff: http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-local/frameset/detail/639150_Krakus_Sauerkraut__936g.html
  8. Thanks both. I ate shop bought Sauerkraut, so I'm guessing all the life was taken out of it in the process of making it, which means I'm left with the option of cabbage and salt as a trigger. I've currently got home made sauerkraut on the go, so I'll give the shop bought one a miss until mine is ready. If I get another reaction, well, I've lived without it this long, I'll just remove it completely. I'll prepare a salt free version tomorrow. I recall reading in a natural healing book in a sho
  9. My skin was near enough perfect up until today. Face is a bit blotchy and a couple of spots have reared their heads. Luckily, because I lead such a strict nutritional life, I know what I have added to my diet. The only new item I've introduced into my diet recently, Sunday in fact, was Sauerkraut. For those that don't know, it's basically cabbage and salt. I've no doubt that it's among one of the healthiest foods available, and there's no way in hell I'm going to blame the cabbage, so that l
  10. I live in an apartment/flat too. My place smells of cooked fish most of the time, so introducing something else won't matter lol. I'm planning on using mason jars, and only opening them for a brief period outside to crush the cabbage.
  11. all I know for certain, is that I've avoided both dairy and fruit for over a year and a half, and my skin is clear. I'm getting all the calcium I need through the vegetables, my teeth and nails are the strongest they've ever been, can't even bite my nails these days, not that it's a bad thing. All credit to moonbase for having a go, personally, if I were doing this experiment, I'd only drink eat one thing, say apples, over the course of a week. My experience was that I would have a reaction
  12. invest in a good electric shaver if your skin reacts to blades.
  13. I really like your signature!

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    2. Vanbelle


      Do you juice a lot? Last time I tried green juices it tasted like...like liquid vegetables. Mmmm. ...

    3. captainsunshine


      not so much these days, fed up of cleaning the juicer, I blend a few things into drinks though.

    4. Vanbelle


      I tried juicing once. I was like, man, I need a LOT of kale....baah who needs kale anyway. End of juicing venture.

  14. amongst other things, I had the world's largest salad today. Mammoth bowl of lettuce, and other leaves, mixed up with two tins of tuna, sprinkle of olive oil, and a little of my newest acquisition, Sauerkraut. Could get to like that stuff, making my own tomorrow.