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  1. Hi Glidden! Yes I had a great progress on my first course, i think i ruined it looking for perfection but I'm so glad I'm halfway through my second course. My acne now is ok i guess, very few spots and they go away fast but the problem is the marks stay there. It was bad the second month, it was my worst, i didn't think it would be cause the first time my third was hell, but this time it hasn't, so i'd say i'm doing good, have bumps but I know i have to be patient, i just want to be on my last
  2. Im back on accutane i have a new log if you want to read it!
  3. Hi! does anyone remember me or read my log? i was on accutane from june 2010 to november 2010, now I'm back again i started on the 20th of september. Things are getting better it was worse, basically the same symptoms as last time but less inflammation and no cysts because i used to have cysts now its white heads only it came back because i changed dermatologists because i wanted a microdermabrasion and they gave me some prescription soap and gel and it made my skin burn so bad and acne came
  4. Sorry I deleted the pictures for personal reasons but everything's good I've been eating whatever I want and chocolate and nothing happens I still have about two cysts that have been there for months but they are deep and you can only feel them if you touch but they don't come out, I'm gonna ask my derm when I see her. Its been 2 months now! since I finished and I took pictures of course there are still marks but they are turning pink and I'm sure they'll go away and go away completely when my s
  5. Thank you so much! I'll keep you updated, it's almost a month after finishing, I promise you I haven't had any new pimple, I have like 2 cysts that have been there for months but they will someday go away, it's the way they are. and yes abcDonna I might do laser treatment later next year if they don't go away, if they are barely noticeable i won't cause makeup covers them pretty well and If they are very mild, they could go away with a slight tan. I hope y'all had a nice Christmas! and I wi
  6. Thank you so much Borntorun, accutaneme and possiblyHopeful!! I really appreciate it! and yes it's time to cross month 6 on my signature! I'm glad I can help by you seeing all the progress!
  7. Hi everyone! I wanted to show you a picture of me with a digital camera with makeup on, You can't see it at all!!. I was even told I had great skin out of nowhere and a girl told me I had porcelain skin and looked like a porcelain doll! Everything's good Lips are not dry anymore
  8. My skin is SUPER dry, now that i'm off accutane why is that? maybe it's because I am in Texas and it's colder here? my skin is doing good no new breakouts, it's been a week without it!
  9. Thanks angela! everything's good I have been without accutane for 5 days now and not one zit has came out
  10. thanks musicislife and jennyband! I'll keep you updated in the post-tane process. And yeah, sticking to it was DEFINITELY worth it, even though the first three months were horrible, now it's over
  11. I'M DONE PEOPLE! ok so this is the first day without accutane. It was so weird to not have to go for the pills at lunch. My skin's doing good I only have those cysts I've had for so long, they just need to go and I'll be clear, but I hadn't had a new one in a while I still have dry lips of course but I hope they will not be that bad in the next couple of weeks, I had to put Chapstick first time in the morning because the night dried them so much! I'm so glad nothing bad happened to me those 6
  12. Tomorrow's my last day! WOW I can't believe it's been 6 months seriously bad news: I took my blood test and it appears something's wrong with my liver :S Let's see what the doctor says
  13. 6 days left the one on my cheek came back and it had a whitehead so i popped and I had it hours later so i popper again and now it's back, now I'm just gonna let it be, it's not to be but it's annoying, I don't know what to do
  14. I watched a girl's vlog on youtube and she said she has a breakout when she stopped taking the drug an she said it was expected because she read about it or something. The username was shampoop something. Shes asian I think. You can search on youtube. I don't remember exactly what she said but she did say it was normal and to be expected sometimes.