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  1. [quote name="Maya Wow - I bet you're a great guy! I too feel the same as you - once I've got to 70-80% improvement (I'm on around 50-60% right now) I won't continue tyring to perfect every flaw' date=' that is way too tiresome and perhaps unrealistic fro people who have had deep scars. I think at that stage it's best to concentrate on our other virtues. One question though - after having needled the whole area 3 times, do you have any discolouration now? Thanks, Maya. I've been a great admirer
  2. Hi will, I didn't use any topical creams before or after the sessions, so I have no comments about the usefulness of these products. After the swelling was gone, the improvement did recede somewhat, but ultimately, the three sessions had a combined and lasting ameliorating effect on my scar condition. In other words, even after the recession, the end result was still an improvement compared to prior the procedure. I'd say my scars improved the most after the second time, when I started experi
  3. I'd say sanjoseskin's cynicism is not warranted, at least not for everyone. I haven't been back to this forum for a while and, it's been several months since my last tattooing and my result remains fabulous! I stick to my old report that tattooing does for me about 70-80% improvement collectively after 3 sessions. Everyone around me noticed the change and asked for my secret:) The procedure might not have benefitted sanjoseskin, but people shouldn't give up hope on experimenting with this [f
  4. niko: After my first session, some scars didn't respond at all while others had pronounced amelioration. But after several sessions, practically all of them improved to different degrees. I am VERY happy with the results now. I can't recall the time when I was so free from feeling self-conscious about my scars as I do now. Even with the ice-pick scar that responded the least as I mentioned, had about 15% improvement over the treatments (That's what I meant by moderate to little improvement, n
  5. My pleasure, Elle:) I've actually detailed all the info you asked for in my previous messages, you can use the "locate all posts by author" function on this site to read them. As for what kinds of treatments I've done in the past, I have tried dermabrasion (the real deal, not the micro version) about 8 years ago, along with chemical and other forms of peeling, Retin A and various collagen induction topicals, and a host of "alternative methods." Even collectively, all those procedures didn't
  6. Elle, It has been about half a year since my first needling session, and I have to say that virtually all the reported notable improvements remain. Yes, after the swelling recedes, there would be minor regression in the improvement. But overall, my scars responded to the treatment favorably and significantly. In regard to those who had more disappointing results, my guess would be that these people: 1. did not have the needling performed from several opposing, diagonal angles as I have sug
  7. Hi rebellgyrl, I am not qualtified to answer your second question. But in regard to the first, my tattooist told me it's okay to wash the tattooed area with mild soap and warm water. Personally, I waited more than 8 hours after the procedure before I washed my face for the first time, very gently.
  8. rebellgyrl, Actually, what I did was to have the tattooist approached the scars from 45 degree angle for both passes, but from diagonally opposite directions: For example, the first pass is a 45 degree angle tilting toward the 2'O clock direction, while the second toward 10'O clock. Maybe the subsequent session could go from the 4'O clock and 8'O clock angles to maximize effect?
  9. Hi Steve, My pleasure:) I didn't apply any after care product, except sticking to nutritious, non-greasy diet, plenty of sleep, and almost daily yoga/swimming/sauna routine starting a week after the procedure when I can safely risk exposing my skin to steam and pool water. Rx, I for one would root for tattoo gun. In my experience, the few puncturings made by hand tool and self-needle seemed too mild (usually numbering about a dozen in the former versus hundreds per square inch in the case
  10. Elle, I didn't say that the redness still lingers at present. I was referring to the period when it was still healing. The redness was almost completely gone after 1 and a half month.
  11. Hi Steve, 1. I never had my nose tattooed before, so I wouldn't know. I did notice that my going to the gym's swimming pool followed by a brief sauna session (15 minutes) almost on a daily basis practically eliminated all blackhead/whitehead outbreaks. I also watch closely what I eat, too, and follow other general health guidelines. 2. The procedure covered about 80% of my face, skipping the nose-mouth regions and other outskirt areas. Though I wonder if the session had covered the outskirt
  12. hi..has there been any regression on your results? Because im probably going to go see Mr. Zulu @ the end of the month.. And how do you feel about the Email above? about the Dr. saying it doesnt work that well? I dont know.. i remember you stating that procedure isnt that painful, but the Dr. states that it is if its done properly its extremly painful... Hi Steve, I've experienced slight regression after around 2 weeks, but it was something as minor as roughly a 10% one. Overall, aft
  13. Steve, I've done full-facial needling with Mr. Zulu. Just read the detailed reports in my previous posts in this thread.
  14. I'd beg to differ from rx in regard to his assessment on tattooing. Congrats on the improvement by the way, rx, but I really think tattooing has a considerably better overall effect on scar improvement at least in my case, given that it was done by a professional tattooist with the proper handling and cleaning of his equipments. As far as I can see, tattooing on the face has no long-term negative side effect whatsoever, just as it has none on other parts of the body being tattooed. My "good"