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  1. sunshine4377

    Week one almost down!

    So here I am on day 5 and I have to say I'm a bit suprised at the lack of dryness. A few days back I could feel the tightening of my skin and the itchiness was pretty severe and annoying but now today the itchiness has subsided to pretty tolerable and there are still parts of my forehead and chin that are quite oily. Having read that something like 90% of acne causing bacteria lives in the oil glands I am hoping that accutane will not fail me as well like everything else has! My face is still
  2. sunshine4377

    So this is actually my 3rd day!

    So in actuality this is my 3rd day on the pills not my first but I wanted to post a little background as I did in my previous post. Not much to report. I’m more nervous about the standard side effects than I am the major ones. The major product side effects are rare and I figure I just really watch myself and listen to my body and if something seems out of the norm I can always stop the pills. I’m excited about what this might finally do for me and my skin even though I know I will have
  3. sunshine4377

    My starting pics

    I couldn't figure out how to just upload a picture on here! You can't just click on browse and upload the pic from your computer apparently! Frustrating! Anyhow I think it's important to see pics along the way to document the success and progress of the product so if anyone would like to see my horrible starting off pics just let me know and I will email them to you!
  4. sunshine4377

    So starts my journey with Accutane!

    So a brief summary of my acne story and how I got here to the accutane train… I’ve had acne since I can remember, probably about 12 years old or so; it’s in the family history on both sides although how I got it this severe I will never know! It’s always been a pretty prominent presence in my life I’ve never not had acne but it’s always been controllable by over the counter products or proactiv, retin A, differin, tetracycline, tazorac etc… and yes I have been on all of those p