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  1. Hi there. Don't know how old you are but: You could try the "unshaven look"? Although it's not a treatment, maybe it would be worth a go? It may well cover up your jawline acne, especially if you have dark hair. -Karl-
  2. Thats great to hear, I'm really encouraged and excited to try it out myself when my current bp runs out ! Has it dryed out ur skin as much/more in comparison? Is it actually working? Are you still planning to follow the regimen with this stuff? -Karl-
  3. Great! I'm glad to see somebody so keen about this idea. Just make sure you've read all the previous posts to be on the safe side! -Karl-
  4. Cheers steve, V.good point. I wouldn't want to get the blame for any1's misfortune now would i?! -Karl-
  5. Hi there, Here in the Uk I think that oxy on-the-spot is the best and most easily available bp cream. It contains 2.5% bp and is great! -Karl-
  6. Hey guys, if this works then you may find it very useful, I've yet to try it myself! http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=2903 -Karl-
  7. Lol. thanx honey, but it sounds like i'm not the first to come up with this idea! It actually came into my head when I was running out of shampoo at my local pool and I decided to add some water so I had enough! I thought i oughtta check that the bp wouldn't react or anything like that. Good Luck and I hope you and others will report back with your results, and like fatman said before, you may need to stir/shake before use! -Karl- (I'll do anything to save £'s !)
  8. Cheers Gaz. Anyone else tried anything like this? -Karl-
  9. Thanx for responding guys, think I'll give it a go when my current BPO cream runs out. Fatman, I was thinking that the best cream to mix the BPO cream with would be something simple which doesnt contain too many ingredients which may react with the BPO. How about either of these (cheap and available in the UK)?: http://www.wellbeing.com/shop/product_deta...oductid=1030744 or http://www.wellbeing.com/shop/product_deta...oductid=1003076 Thanx, help appreciated. -Karl-
  10. Maybe you'd find some hydrocortisone cream useful? It's used for treatment of insect bites, rashes, swelling and reactions to many irritant substances.I dunno, that could work? Its an over-the-counter drug, but it is quite strong so don't use too much! -Karl-
  11. This may be a stupid question: but I'm not a sciency-type guy! Anyway here I go: Here in the UK the most effective 2.5% BPO cream is called Oxy-on-the-spot. However, you can only get 20g tubes which are £4.00! This gets fairly expensive for someone in high school! I was looking around and found some Quinoderm 5 cream which contains 5% BPO and is a 50g tube for only £3.90! So... coudn't I just mix the same amount of this cream with a cheap moisturising cream (try and half the concentration)
  12. Well I've never had bad acne and sometimes I'd be totally clear for a day or two but now, thanx to dans regimen I'm clear all the time . As long as you only use 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, Plenty of moisturiser (preferably oil free) and an anti-bacterial face wash twice a day you'll be fine. For those with bad acne they can always up the concentration of BPO but 2.5% has been great for my mild acne! Good luck -Karl-
  13. Hey Gaz, Thanx for taking the time out to tell us bout ur regimen . I was just wondering what products you use because quite a few other people mention aren't available in the UK. I'm using oxy on-the-spot which is working great! Thanx -Karl- P.s. Any alterntive to the Queen Helene face masks (which all the yanks are raving about) available in the UK?
  14. I used to do that alot but I don't think I had a disorder! Anyhow since starting Dan's regimen most have subsided. Now I only ever try to squeeze spots etc if they are visible from at least metre away which helps alot! The site is very good though, thanx alot and I'll be sure to pass it on, -Karl-