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  1. congrats on less greasy face. i freaking hate neck acne haha. they come and they go.
  2. July 28: No Breakouts ! DAY 14 Two weeks or so after taking antibiotic pill "Minocycline", things have been rather calming. I haven't had a breakout or pimples in general the past week and a half. Many clogg pores seemed to have disappeared and the old acne is disappearing. I Hope this is from the drug and not just one of those times haha. Diet is still the same, i eat basically everything there is. haven't consumed much dairy though. No soda's, only tea, Vegetable-8, and water. Haven't used
  3. i had this problem a 8 months ago, just lower your amount until the skin fully absorbs everything. Eventually go up slowly until you've reached the highest amount that you believe the skin can no longer take in. Having excess bp on your face isn't always good. It get's drying sometimes without doing anything good for the skin.
  4. i took 100mg one minocycline pill twice a day. Was given 100 pills from my dermatologist which would last me 50 days. She told me if i needed to, i could refill it once more if i didn't see enough improvements. If the refill didn't work out, i would be put on Accutane. So far everything is fine though I haven't had any breakouts since i took it 5 days ago. You should really try getting a refill. how much mg did your antibiotic have?
  5. You should not need to mix jojoba oil with AHA+. Adding it will make no significant differences. It is best to use the alpha hydroxy acid three times a week. At max would be around once a day, which should be used at night due to the new skin being extremely sensitive to the suns rays.
  6. I noticed your face is looking loads better now Cub ! i am also on Retin-A, but i have far less acne than you, though i hope to see as much results as you have been. keep updating us on your progress, i'd really like to see the change. are you taking any antibiotics?
  7. July 18: Pill #7 & 8 DAY 4 Three days after using antibiotics , things are swell There are o breakouts that i can see of, everything seems to be going great. The Retin A does a good job and doesn't dry out the skin so much. i apply it once every night to once every other night. There is not too much in my diet. i eat meats and veggies every day. drink a glass of milk two times a week to increase height. basic washing day and night with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. takes two skin nutrie
  8. 2AM


    congrats it seems to have gotten a lot better.
  9. Hi boys and girls, gentlemen of all ages. July 15: Started MINOCYCLINE(100mg) Discription: Antibiotic used to treat wide variety of infections, including acne. Each pill contains 100mg. This does not work for viral infections( e.g., common cold, flu). The pill is taken 1 hour before eating or 2-3 hours after eating. It should be taken on an empty stomach. Common Brand Name(s): Dynacin, Minocin DAY 1 Pop-ed the first pill today. It gave me a better feeling of myself, it felt very enjoyabl