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  1. Sick of this

    Day 2

    Okay, so today I got up enough energy to actually change my sheets and pillowcases =P. Going to change them every other day now. My face is actually looking a bit better today. The bumps are less red and have gone down a little. Still using AcneFree. Not much to update on....
  2. The condition: -Oily T-zone -Large clusters of small, white acne on forehead, nose, around mouth, and chin -Normal balanced cheek area -Blackheads and pustules on back -Small white heads on chest The regimen: Acnefree So far: Only been using this regimen maybe 4 days? I'm frustrated with my appearance right now and haven't noticed a difference...yet. Going to start regularly changing sheets and pillowcases starting tonight. Also cleaning my glasses really well when I wear those inst
  3. I just looked at the reviews and it seems promising! I'll have to try it. I'm going to go ahead and continue this regimen first for a few weeks and see how it goes, maybe I'm jumping the gun. I just got so frustrated you know? Not to be sexist, I just find it particularly hard having acne and being a girl, because (I'm not obsessed with my looks at all)...but I'd like to be pretty. FEEL pretty. Girls are supposed to be pretty...it's just kind of what we do I guess. It sucks waking up every morni
  4. Ugh. Ugh. Triple ugh! I have acne. And I have had it for a long time. Until relatively recently (the past year or so) my acne has been pretty light, but it's just gotten out of control. I don't get big red pustules or cysts, just tons of white heads and black heads and little pimples that never mature enough to pop but never go away. I quite literally, have hundreds of them. I cannot count them all. No one can really see them because they blend in unless irritated, but I feel them, my skin is gr